Nominate for Advanced Bladers group!

Nic, G and Brad for sure. Cye and Kei I think should be there too, they already seem to have good knowledge and are active users.

I'd vote for Anubis and Spinster as well, but they haven't been active for a while..

Also, will the info on the new blades have any impact on this? I'm not sure if I'll be able to order as soon as they start selling on Ideal, etc, so I won't have much knowledge on those for a while, other than what I'll learn here. I'm confident enough with plastics and HMS though.
Bey Brad
I'm not worrying too much about the new blades. I'll be able to cover most of that.
Bey Brad
Nothing really new here, but Nic, Cye, King, and Anubis (if he were to be active again). There's a few others I'm thinking of, but I haven't really seen them contribute enough to be Advanced Bladers.

oh yeah, rooneyt would be awesome as well
Bey Brad
I miss rooneyt Unhappy
where did rooneyt go? seriously he was a beywiki LEGEND.
Bey Brad Wrote:I miss rooneyt Unhappy

You forgot to make him a new LEGEND userbar thing!
Bey Brad
King of Darkness, Composer of Requiems, Kei and Cye Kinomiya have all been added to the Advanced Bladers group. Please continue to nominate users you'd like to see as members. Thanks!
I think bugturtles would be a fine addition!
Kei Wrote:I think bugturtles would be a fine addition!

I am very touched when you say this. Smile

Right now, I think I do not have enough first-hand experience of how most parts work together (HMS and Plastics), as I do not have those parts or those parts are inaccessible at the moment. I only have knowledge of concepts and the abilities of a few parts in my head, but cannot use that knowledge and make it into an experience.

However, when the new series of Beyblades are released, I'll try to nag a few before they are sold out and try to live up to your expectation. Smile
Another nomination! This time its Michael. He's been posting in the Beyblade related forums a lot and I think he deserves it.