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I thought this was a good idea to put up. alot of people have nicknames for varying reasons and it would be interesting to know other peoples nicknames. however if you post a nickname that sounds strange or doesn't relate to you personally please clarify why you were given it. we don't want the thread being filled up with spam. for example:

my friends nicknamed me L - bad post.

My friends nicknamed me L, based on the character out of the death note anime. apparently I act like him all the time, aka hardly blinking, chewing my nail, eating alot of cake, and normally not wearing shoes. - good answer.
I know we had a similar topic before, but I cannot find it ...
Aggregation-Unit 0072 in some Role Play situations.


It's for my criminal-underworld and sci-fi character.
(Feb. 13, 2012  4:26 PM)Codeine Extorts Wrote: Aggregation-Unit 0072 in some Role Play situations.

OK, so you necessarily have to elaborate on that.
I have had several Nicknames. Here's the list:

---Gary. This was in 7th grade. It was my first day at the new school. I had introduced myself as Devin Collins. Despite this, all of the boys agreed that by first glance, I looked like a person named Gary, and it stuck for the year.
---EA. 8th grade. This came along because of the fact that I played a lot of games sponsored by EA Sports (it's in the game XD ). Since everyone else liked EA Games, It was popular for the year as well.
---Spinach. Last semester. I honestly don't know how my friend Raymond came up with that nickname, but it worked for me. Raymond had told me that calling someone a vegetable where he came from was an insult, meaning you were slow or annoying. I threw that aside and just let everyone call me that. I still have it today.
my nickname ah two

saras [it means Crane] i was named that in 6th standard cause of my surname sarswat.

ghoda [it means horse] i was named that from 7th till date in my new school cause i ran bending forward to increase my speed and also that i "used too" bend forward while walking or sitting but i don't do that now.
If i had i would say but i only call me as BladEr123sol!
my find call me mike its close to my real name but i still dont like mike
My nickname:

Alexi: Well... long story.

My nickname was Bubba I don't know why but my grandpa called me that back when i was young i hated it for a while but just when it grew on me he became old and bitter and well rest is history
Um... I have two nicknames!
1. Bill- I wore a Buffalo Bills shirt to school... *facepalm*
2. Cyo- I truthfully have no idea why my best friend called me Cyo once. My friends called me that ever since. Sounds cool though.
Nobody calls me by my real name. Everyone calls me something different like Willie,Willis,Willo,Maki I hate my real it's annoying, and to long to say. I was mostly called willie in elementary school. Now In middle school everyone calls me something different! I don't find it annoying at all. As long as its not my real name^^^^
I have a few ridiculous ones ..

Ry-(pronounced as Rye)Short for Ryan
'Ryanna Montanna' - Seriously? I can hardly get the best of both worlds..
Ryhanna(Rihanna)- No comment
Ryan Hen(Han)- Can't anyone get my name right? I'm not a chicken.
A few more came from 'Warwick'(middle name) ...such as 'Ryan's wicked in war!'

This is becoming name-calling abuse...
My nicknames are:

Jon, Jona, J, or JJ (all are short for Jonathan)

Harkins (what my tournament friends call me, Harkins is also my last name)

I'm also called a laughing hyena by my friends because I laugh a lot when I get anxious.

The worst nickname in the world is "Chu-Chu". Seriously, one of my friends is a fat kid who has the nickname Chu-Chu for God's sake. His real name happens to be "Chukwuka".
everybody calls me JC now, because of my initials. ^^ sounds cool, i like it.
@Harkins I laugh so much it's crazy. And my laugh is even more crazy. Like in class when someone tells a cheesy joke I burst out laughing and everyone starts laughing because my laugh is somewhat funny. Tongue_out

Sorry for off Topic. I used to be called Justin Time, well, because that's my name and I was always just on time. lol when I was small and I still played Small Forward in Basketball, people would shot JUSTINCREDIBLE! Grin

it was pretty cool.
i'm called demon because i'm very very short temperred and furiously determend.
Kai-V I made sure to looke before I posted but I agree, I thought it had been done.

OK guys, it's official, now everyone at my school is calling me L, I guess i'm going to have to stick with it, I don't mind though, L is my favourite letter.
Do to a Elder Scrolls related pun I made in Algebra, my nick name is Ysgramor. The Nickname doesnt bother me.
my nick name is plum,because when i cough i go purple
My nickname is Jan, which I have been using as my Username ever since.
Its formed by taking off two letters from my real name-

= Jatan

Currently, my classmates call me and my crush "charleen". I hate it when people knows my crush is... I'm so happy I have no more feelings to her.

this song helped me with it:
I have like twenty nicknames. Chocked_2 My most common one that gets used is Mizzy.

Mizzy: Because I do not like the nickname Missy. It sounds too stuck-up too me. No offense to those with this name or nickname, but most Missy's I know are not the nicest people. So when I was about 11, my mom started to call me Mizzy, and it stuck.

Lizard: I have had this nickname since I was about 2-3years old. It is because I love lizards :3 With this nickname comes. Lizzy, Liz, MaLizard, My-Lizard, Lizard-breath, Lizardbeth.

Mickie: Originated from Mickie-Boo. It was what I was called when I was an infant, as I gotten older the nickname shortened to Mickie.

Jae: Is my beyblade oc. People have a habit to call me by her name. I don't mind though.

Min: Short for my korean name, Min-jeong. A handful of people call me Min, Minnie, Minnie-moo.

Baby Squirrel: Another one from my mom. I also like squirrels xD

Sissa: One day, my mom came home and started to call me Sissa. She still does from time to time.

Lyssa: Not Lisa. (lis-ah) The kids at my previous job, could not say my real name. So they called me Lyssa.

Spaz: I am a spaz. Yeah, that's basically about it for that one.

Ji: My unnie JaeSoon calls me this (:
I: This is my version of spelling it, then again I'm the only one who's ever spelled it in English.
Pei-I: This is what the "youngins" call me. Just joking, but anyone younger than me calls me this (that's Thai)
Nong-I: This is what the "geezers" call me. Just joking, but anyone older than me calls me this (that's Thai)

Johnny: My peers and teachers call me by this name which has grown on me. (that are not Thai)

Edit: It isn't a racial thing or anything of the sort.
I have 5 nicknames:

1. Duck
I got this nickname because I am just like Duck from the anime Princess Tutu. Everyone who knows me well has called me this at least once.

2. Little Warrior
I got this nickname after SINGLEHANDEDLY defeating TWO boys at a game of sword fighting.

3. Cheeky
I got this nickname at Word of Life club thanks to my fat cheeks.

4. Squakert
The stupid boys at church can't pronounce my last name right so they call me Squakert.

5. Meehaha
My best friend Marissa calls me this. It doesn't really mean anything, and only she is allowed to call me Meehaha.
Yeah, Pimpju one day jsut said "dammit chody" to me on Facebook, everyone both online and off call me it now. Weird.