Newbie Blader!!


I've just had a revival of my interest for beyblades after years (was super onto mfb nack in like 2011) but only really did it casually with friends. I do have an interest in maybe competing (DC/DMV/NoVA area) so I was wondering if there were any tips for bey combos/builds and competing in general? 

Also looking to just make friends and be part of something thats so cool and still alive! Thanks everyone!!
The DC/Southern MA/Northern VA area is full of host right now! Welcome to the community!

Some recommendations for some starter packs are...

Vanish Fafnir Tapered Kick - 3 (Vanish Ring, Tapered disk, F Gear for Dynamite)
Greatest Raphael Over High Xtend+' (Over disk, High Xtend driver)
Wind Knight (Kind of expensive, For Wing Layer)
Dynamite _____ (Any will work with F Gear)

Guilty Longinus (Guilty Blade)
Xiphoid Xcalibur (Xipoihd + Xcalibur)

Extra Parts
Quick' (Replace Extreme)
Fortress (Disk)
Giga (Disk)

Ultimate Fusion DX Set

If you want more consultation or combo making there are threads for those.
Again, Welcome to the WBO!