New Blader, Looking for good first bey

I'm pretty new to blading and all I have are some old metal beys that I'm pretty sure aren't even real. I'm looking to buy some decent starter beys but not willing to spend over $25 here. I found a wizard fafnir on amazon for 21 bucks but I'm not exactly sure if this is a good choice. If there are better suggestions for this price range I would appreciate if someone could tell me! Thanks
If you're a beginner, its best to start out with Stamina or Balance types, but I recommend trying out all types to see which best fits you. If you're blading casually, get hasbro beys, but avoid getting hypersphere or old beys(So basically stick with speed storm and quad drive). If you wanna get competitive, get takara tommy beys, I dont use them so you should ask other people about them. You should avoid using hasbro launchers, as they wear down very quickly, and instead get a b81 if you're into ripcord launchers, or a b88 if you like string lauchers, as well as a grip for either one. Lastly, if you're buying online, always have 5-10 extra dollars for tax+shipping and handling. That's all the advice I have, good luck!
I'm new to the burst series I used to have tons of the old metal fury and so on I'm trying to come up with competitive and fun combos can I pls get some help with this iv got world sprigan , astral, sprigan savior valkary, greatest Raphael, Belial, guilty Longinus and a bunch from the Hasbro brand I do plan on purchasing some of the old metal ones from Beyblade premier eventually tho too.