My sucky HMS combo that needs some feedback

Hey guys and gals

My combo is meant to work by having a lot of stamina and to stay longer in battle. I also want it to be a defensive type as well.

BB: Dranzer Pinching_eyes_2
AR: Metal Upper
WD: Circle Heavy
RC: Manual Change Core

Please help with my combo.

If needed I also have:
Metal Saucer
Flat Core
Circle Balance x2
Semi-Flat Core
Metal Shield
Circle Wide x2
Metal Attacker
Grip Flat Core
Spiral Upper
Spark Dragon
CWD Free Survivor
Metal Weight Flat Core
It's painful because you have a Grip Flat Core (which is awesome); you just need a more effective AR.

From what you have though you could try

AR: Metal Upper
WD: Circle Wide
RC: Grip Flat Core

Concept: Upper

If you could get your hands on a Death Gargoyle MS you could have an excellent combo...
Hmm... well I am bad when it comes to customizations.

I was thinking an attack, endurance, defensive or combination type that involves any of the above blades.

So far for attack, I can think of the Grip Flat RC...
AR: Metal Upper
WD: CWD Free Survivor
RC: Semi-Flat Core

Your best choice for your specifications...
Hmmm, I found another combo. This is my attack combo. But it likes to recoil alot. :\

BB: Any
AR: Metal Upper
WD: Circle Heavy
RC: Metal Weight Flat Core

This one stays in the middle alot but it beats most of my blades cept for DEMS.


BB: Any
AR: Metal Saucer
WD: Circle Balance
RC: Semi-flat core