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Ah I see. Still though, that's a good name choice.

Yup it is. lol
Hey @[ultra destinus] are you going to write any more of the story?
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I'm writing chapter 14 now, so you can expect that really soon.

Thanks so much for actually Reading this story and for those who helped me get ideas for the plots, I thank you guys too! I'm never gonna stop writing these episodes and I hope you enjoy whatever my brain dishes out for you to read!
dude i know that what ever you wright is going to be great
Previously on Beyblade Burst Bladebreakers 2.0,

Tora and Wakiya went head to head in one of the last three matches for the Battle royale. Tora was feeling some self-doubt, but thanks to some wise words from Kody, she gained all of her courage and returned back to greatness, Winning her match against Wakiya. Now Daisuke must battle against Shu, but that is easier said than done.

Episode 14: Clash of the Beasts! Shu vs Daisuke.
The boys started the match and the beyblades were spinning swift and strong. Dominus captured the center and Spryzen was beginning to sink closer to the middle and burst Dominus from it’s safe spot, But Daisuke wasn’t ready to quit just yet. “Dominus, Serpent Fort Launch! Hold your ground!” Daisuke Shouted to his bey. Shu Decided to try a new strategy and shake Dominus out of the stadium. “Spryzen, don’t hold back! Counter break!” Shouted Shu in response.

 Spryzen leaned on its side and used it’s Unite tip to gain a boost of speed and as it did so, it Rammed into Dominus at full power, sending it into a wall and Bursting it immediately. “Storm Spryzen with a burst finish! Shu Kurenai scores a point for the Beigoma Academy Beyclub!” Daigo Declared. Daisuke Picked up his bey’s parts and began to walk to his team, but he smiled, realizing Shu was just as powerful as ever.
“Hey.” Shu began. “That was a good match, wasn’t it? Normally, every bey I go up against bursts right when Spryzen hits it. It’s amazing how Dominus burst only after it hit the wall. You have a special bey there, Daisuke.” The tall boy turned around after a few steps and smiled at Shu. “Thanks. Your bey is pretty awesome too, but someday, we’re gonna beat you and take the title as one of the best bladers in the world!” He replied confidently. Shu and Daisuke shook hands and left for their teammates.

“Sorry, guys.”Daisuke apologized. “I lost again. I honestly tried my hardest, but I just couldn’t do it.”. Yami hugged Daisuke and told him it was ok if he lost. They never needed the extra points anyways. And he was a good blader, after the way he managed to stand up to Spryzen’s Counter Break. The rest of the team agreed, knowing how rarely Spryzen loses. Daisuke smiled and thanked his friends for the kind words.

The team turned to Kody and told him about his match up with Valt. “It’s your turn to battle now, bro. What’s your plan?” Ayane asked curiously. Kody chuckled a little. “I don’t have one.” He replied calmly. “WHAT!?” The Bladebreakers shouted in shock. “How do you expect to win if you don’t even have a strategy? You’re just gonna hand yourself over to Valt?” Yami exclaimed with worry. “You’ll see what I mean when I battle him.” Said the eleven-year-old confidently as he walked off to battle Valt. “But Kody, how can you predict what Valtryek will do if you don’t have any plans?” Asked Ayane, confused about her brother’s tactics. “Why would I try and predict what Valtryek would do, when it’s known for it’s unpredictable attacks? I’ll battle by being random with my attacks as well. If that doesn’t work, then I come up with a plan.” Kody said as he reached the stadium. The others just looked at each other and shrugged.

“Valt, you know what to do, right? Just do you and you’ll rock this!” Encouraged Rantaro, who was coaching Valt as he normally does. Valt was jumping on the spot, trying to warm up for his match with Kody. “Got it. Honcho. Man, I am so PYSCHED! I finally get to see how good Kody is for myself!” Valt Exclaimed grinning happily about the upcoming battle. “It looks like Kody is waiting for you, Valt. Maybe you should get going.” Shu informed. The young boy was about to leave when he felt Ken grab his shoulder. “Valt, be very careful when you’re battling Kody. He can come up with a plan on the spot just like that. It’s how he and Karven do the most damage.” Said the puppeteer in a serious tone.  Valt gave an affirmative nod and ran down to the beystadium, but he tripped on a rock and started rolling down towards the beystadium, Making comical yelps the whole way down. He almost hit one of the pillars, but Kody rushed over and caught him before he hurt himself. “Whoa, Thanks man. That would’ve been a disaster.” Valt said gratefully. Kody helped Valt stand up and dusted his friend off. “Don’t mention it. It’s no problem.” He replied assuringly. “Now, Whad'ya we go and battle?” Valt agreed excitedly and the two walked over to the stadium. 

“Ken told me you’re pretty powerful now, but we’ll see who comes out on top!” said Valt with Valtryek appearing behind him. Kody Smirked. “Yeah, We’ll figure out the real winner soon, and I can already guess!” He replied with his beast forming from behind as well. K.J Walked to the stadium to judge the matches. “This Match will be a bit different. Instead of getting one point for round, We’ll have a one time duel. The bladers participating will be fighting for two points instead of the usual one point format.”  “Bladers Ready?” announced. The bladers gave the signal and got Ready to launch. “3, 2, 1, LET IT RIIIP!” Yelled the two bladers. The last round was underway, and the tension is as thick as ever. Karven and Valtryek were moving with no rhyme or rhythm as they hit the walls and Bolted all over the Stadium. “That’s it, Buddy! Here we go! Flash Launch!” Valt shouted. “Not this time, Valt! Karven, Time for a new move! Fire Blitz!” Yelled Kody. Valtryek and Karven Began to circle the ring at high speeds, until Karven began to move in a cross pattern with Valtryek still going around the stadium. 

Ayane watched the match and finally understood what her brother meant by not having a plan. “Oh, now I know why he’s battling like this!” Why’s that?” Asked Valtryek and Valt are in perfect sync and they get their energy from crazy, messy attacks, so Kody decided to match their strengths by doing the same, and since attack types can’t follow a constant pattern, neither one of them can tell what the other is thinking and come up with a counter attack.” She said wisely. Daisuke and Yami looked at the twin with eyes wide open in surprise. They’d forgotten that Ayane is smarter than she looked.

Tora stood calmly and looked at Kody with curious eyes. “I knew he was special. I wouldn’t expect anything less from him.” She stated, feeling a little lovestruck. Yami looked at her with a bemused face. “What are you talking about, Tora?” She asked, accidentally scaring the shorter girl and making Tora jump into her arms. “Uh, I was just saying how good the twins are, that’s all.” replied Tora nervously. Yami agreed with Tora and watched Kody’s battle with Valt. “Yeah, they’re pretty cool, and they just started Beyblade! Not many kids I know get this good so quickly either! It kinda makes you proud to be on his team, huh?” Yami said, feeling happy she met Kody and joined the Bladebreakers. Tora looked at the twins and realized Yami was right. The Twins have indeed gotten very good at the game, despite being new. Tora made a promise to herself to never quit the Bladebreakers, all so she can learn more about Beyblade with her friends.

Valtryek and Karven were moving ballistically, making explosive impacts and each bey was losing a click with every hit. Once they were down to their last clicks, Valtryek started to lose stamina. Karven Hit the wall and Ricocheted towards the blue bey, but as soon as the two tops collided, both beys burst into pieces, but Karven burst a second before Valtryek giving the win to Valt. “Valtryek with a Burst Finish! Valt Aoi wins the final Game and gives the Beigoma Academy BeyClub the second and third points they need to advance!” Declared K.J. Kody picked up his bey, and reassembled it, but he wasn’t upset about the loss. He was happy He gets to battle the beyclub in the Battle Royale and get a second chance to beat Valt for real. “Well, We lost this one, but it’s no big deal. We still have the Battle Royale to do, Right Valt?” Said Kody in his usually happy attitude. Valt grinned and agreed. “Yeah! May the best team Win!” he replied as the two boys clasped their hands as a promise to battle their hardest.

To be Continued.

Next is Episode 15: Going all Out!
Here's a Quick Question. Should there be an Antagonist in my series to liven things up? it sounds pretty dull right now and i wanted to know if a bad guy would be a good idea? PM me about your thoughts so i'll have some room on this thread for future chapters.
NOTE: This chapter contains a special appearance by @[CrazyBay]’s Characters, Eraba and Baransu Ramashita.

In our last episode, Kody and Valt were battling head to head to win and move on to the Battle Royale. It was a close battle and both bladers were trying their best, but Kody and Karven couldn’t take the win, but they may have a chance for redemption in the Battle Royale.

Episode 15: Going all out!

Kody and Valt agreed to see each other in the next round and left to prepare. Valt returned to his friends, but Kody walked to a tree with an elastic band around it. He pulled it swiftly as if he was ripping his Beyblade and it recoiled and pulled him to the tree. Kody continued to pull the band when Yami Walked up to him. “Hey Kody, what are you doing?” She asked curiously. “I’m trying to improve my launch a little bit before the Royale. I am still a newbie at the game, so I gotta get better in any way I can. Tell the guys that I’m working out back here. I’ll join you soon.” Kody replied.

Yami agreed and went back to the team, While Kody continued to keep up his arm strength training. “We have to win this next battle. Once we step in the ring, there’s no way we can go back out, or get second chances, But you know that, Right Karven?” Kody thought. Ayane felt Kody’s determination through their bond and smiled. “Aw Kody, You always were the leader of the family, weren’t you? If this is how you feel, then I’ll get stronger with you.” Ayane got up from sitting on the ground and walked down the hill. “Guys, I’m going to take a run around the park for twenty minutes. Call me when the royale starts!” She shouted to her friends as she dashed off. The others looked at Kody and Ayane as they exercised. “The twins are really pumped for this match. Not many bladers warm up they way they do before a big game. They mostly stretch or do push ups.” Tora stated. “Well, The Beigoma Academy Beyclub is the second strongest team in japan. You have to train like this if you wanna stand a chance against some of them.” Yami Replied. “I’m just glad we met them. There’s something about them that just makes you want to keep going, no matter what.” Added K.J. “Yeah, I’m happy we met them too. I really am.” Daisuke said contently.

Soon, It was time for the Battle Royale to begin. Kody and Ayane walked with their teammates to the biggest park stadium available. Kody then realized they needed a referee to keep things in check. Just then, Two boys walked up to them. “Hi! You said you needed some refs? My bro and I can help you out there. My name is Eraba Ramashita and this is my older brother Baransu. We’re new bladers, but we know the rules pretty well and can help keep score for you. Kody accepted the boys’ help with judging the match and stepped up to his side of the dish. “Bladers Ready?” Asked Baransu. All the bladers replied yes. “3, 2, 1, LET IT RIIIP!” They all shouted, Ripping all 12 beys into the stadium. This was one of the biggest beybattles in japan.

The Bladebreakers’ beys were all traveling along the ring in a line, while the Beigoma Academy Beyclub’s beys were all going in a 2x3 motion for extra defense. Kerbeus was targeting Dominus to take down their defense power, but Karven and Atrion sandwiched Kerbeus great impact, bursting the green bey immediately. Ken was out of the game. Dominus tried to take the center, but Doomscizor brutally finished it off with a Quake Launch, and burst it swiftly, only for it to be eliminated by Tigres’ Oceanclaw attack. Tora noticed Wyvron closing in on Yokaidro and sent Tigres to Attack it, but the collision was so large, it knocked them both out of the dish.

Yokaidro and Spryzen engaged in a duel. Yami tried her hardest to burst it, but she knew it wasn’t possible just yet, but K.J and Phoenix bravely assisted Yami in knocking out Spryzen, Eliminating Shu as well, But Phoenix and Yokaidro burst after hitting Spryzen out of the dish. The white-haired boy was shocked. He never counted on a tag team move being able to take out his bey, but he smiled and picked up his bey. “We might have lost this one, Valt, But I’m counting on you to beat them and win the game!” He shouted to his best friend. “Don’t Worry, Shu! We’ve got this!” Valt Replied as he and Rantaro went to finish off the twins’ beys.

Karven and Atrion were going head on with Valtryek and Roktavor and the four beys clashed hard. Atrion and Roktavor kept hitting each other enough times and ended up bursting each other, leaving the match up to Valt and Kody. Their beys collided three times, one hit sent them to the edge, making them descend back down toward each other. The second hit brought the bey down three clicks each. Valt and Kody were ready to end this match. “Valtryek, Flash Launch!” Shouted Valt. Karven, Firestorm Launch! Let’s Go!” Kody Yelled, Though this time, he seemed more determined than ever. The Attacks were very powerful, But this time, Karven gained the upper hand as Valtryek burst into pieces, with Karven spinning just a few more times before finally stopping. “Kody Takeo wins by a Burst Finish! The Bladebreakers 2.0 Win the Battle Royale!” Eraba and Baransu Declared in unison.

The Bladebreakers celebrated joyfully and danced around, for they were the victors of today’s battle. The Beyclub members walked over them with smiles on their faces. “That was one of the best battles we’ve ever fought! You guys have gotten so strong in such a short amount of time!” Valt said exuberantly. Kody blushed. “Aw, thanks, But it couldn’t have been done without us being a team. We all just helped each other along the lines and kept on fighting.” He replied happily. The kids shook hands and said their goodbyes to each other and made their way back home, with Kody and Ayane staying back at the park with Eraba and Baransu. “We’ll have to go home soon, but before we do, We want to battle you two, as a thank you for judging our match! So whaddya say? You guys up for it?” The twins asked in unison Eraba and Baransu looked at each other and then looked at the twins confidently. “Yeah, Let’s do it!” The boys replied. The kids lined up to the stadium in a tag team format. “3, 2, 1, LET IT RIIP!” They shouted, as they began the last battle of the day.
To be Continued.

Next is Episode 16: Intense workout!
So uh, quick update, Yami's bey is now called Yokaidro. I felt it's last name to be pretty bad.
(Nov. 26, 2018  3:53 PM)ultra destinus Wrote: So uh, quick update, Yami's bey is now called Yokaidro. I felt it's last name to be pretty bad.

Looks like some yo kais name
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(Nov. 26, 2018  3:53 PM)ultra destinus Wrote: So uh, quick update, Yami's bey is now called Yokaidro. I felt it's last name to be pretty bad.

Looks like some yo kais name

Well, Yami is based off a ghost and since yokai are japanese spirits and she lives in japan, I thought it best to change it to that. (It's not referencing Yokai watch btw)
I'm Back! To make up for my Hiatus, here's a fresh new chapter! Enjoy!

(NOTE: This chapter contains @[CrazyBay]’s Characters, Eraba and Baransu. They aren’t mine.)

Previously on Beyblade Burst Bladebreakers 2.0, The Bladebreakers and the Beigoma Academy Beyclub had finally made it to the battle royale. They all battled very hard, but after a back and forth battle, Kody managed to snag the win for his team. Now, Kody and Ayane were battling their new friends, Eraba and Baransu Ramashita.

Chapter 16: Training Day!

Kody and Ayane were Battling their new friends, Eraba and Baransu as the last match of the day. Kody and Eraba were locked in combat, as well as Baransu and Ayane. “Time to tag team, Kody!” Ayane said to her brother. “I think you’re right, sis. Let’s hunt them down!” Kody agreed. Karven Bumped Atrion and Sent it driving around the Stadium at high speed, colliding with Baransu’s bey, Punch Puma.

Eraba and Baransu decided to try and push back the twin’s beys and counterattack. “We aren’t losing today!” Said the brothers. “Well, neither are we!” The twins shouted back.

The beyblades continuously hit each other, With even the beasts within them, trying to win the battle. Atrion and Puma were locked in combat, But Thanks to Atrion’s Yielding tip, the yellow Beyblade managed to out-spin Puma, thus winning the first heat, but It was soon burst by Taurus, bringing Ayane to a loss, but Neither team was out of the game. “Taurus, Lightning charge! Let’s go!” Shouted Eraba.

Taurus performed its uneven movements and smashed into Karven, but instead of a knockout, Karven rebounded against the walls and rammed back into Taurus, bursting it, immediately. Eraba sighed and smiled at the twins. “Well, guess that’s it. You guys win this one, but you might not be so lucky next time.” Kody and Ayane smiled back at the brothers. “Don’t be so sure. We might keep winning!” Said the twins simultaneously, as the kids said their farewells and went home.

That night, Kody and Ayane’s mother was sitting on the couch, reading, when her kids came home. They were tired from all the action their day had. “Welcome home, Kids! Did you have fun?” Asked Sakura. Kody and Ayane nodded and walked to the living room. “Yeah, we sure did. We even held a tournament in the park and won. We also made new friends and formed a team. When we go to school, we’re gonna make it an official Beyclub.” Kody explained.

Sakura seemed slightly surprised about Kody and Ayane’s apparent rise in the game, but she smiled, nonetheless. “That’s wonderful! If you two keep up your training, you’ll be able to take down the best blader in Japan, Lui Shirasagi. Let’s go have dinner and then, we can talk about your blading career.”

After they had Dinner, Kody and Ayane went back to the couch with their mother to hear the story of how Lui came to become the best blader in Japan. “Lui’s mother and I were good friends, ever since childhood.” Started Sakura. “When she had her kids, Lui and Ryuu, that’s where everything got started. He was a kind boy, always willing to help people and being as pleasant as possible. When he got into Beyblade, He was still very happy and friendly, but with that, came his desire to win and be the best, like any normal blader, but he took it a bit too far when he turned ten. He became ruthless, cold, hungry for victory. Lui wouldn’t stop, until he got to where he is now. He doesn’t care about sportsmanship or having friendly rivalries. He only cares about winning. Please, kids. Promise me you won’t end up like Lui. Winning feels good, but it’s not the only thing that counts. I know, because I used to be a blader too.” Sakura finished, hugging her kids lovingly and fearfully.

Kody and Ayane returned the hug and smiled. “Don’t worry, mom. We promise not to be like Lui.” Said the twins unanimously. After story time, the kids went to bed, but only Ayane slept easily, while Sakura’s words echoed in Kody’s head. “Lui Shirosagi. I will beat you one day, whenever that may be." Kody thought.

The next morning, the twins woke up and headed to the park for practice. When they arrived, Shu and Valt were already there. “Hey, you two. You here for practice too?” Asked Shu.

“Yep, we’re here to try and get stronger in time for the upcoming tournament.” The twins replied. “It’s starting tomorrow, so we gotta get in a much training as we can if we wanna stand a chance.” Kody finished. Valt walked over to them, bouncing with exuberance. “I can’t wait to take you guys on! Me and Valtryek are all fired up!” Said the blue-haired blader excitedly.

Kody stepped to the stadium and set up Karven. “Anyone up for a practice battle? It’ll be good practice in case we’re ever set to battle each other in the tourney.” Kody said. “I’ll take you on.” Said a girl standing behind him. she was about Kody’s age and height. She had a black and red vest with a skull on the back and the blader’s logo on the shoulder, like Ayane had on her sleeve. She also wore shorts and black sneakers. Her dark red eyes had a piercing glare, and she had a devious smile.

“Who are you?” Ayane Asked. “The name’s Emiko Hatsume, and this is my bey, Epic Evipero. We’ve never lost a battle, to newbies, or skilled bladers. Why don’t you try your luck with me?” she answered, looking hungry for battle. Kody, being the “Never-back-down” blader he is, accepted the challenge, but he had no clue what he was up against.

“First battle! Bladers ready?” Shu asked. Both bladers confirmed that they were ready, and the countdown started. “3, 2, 1, LET IT RIIIP!” Shouted the competitors, launching their beys into the dish. Evipero dove quickly to the center and claimed the middle. Karven followed it’s normal attack pattern and started hitting Evipero hard. Kody was excited, but Emiko was focused on the match.

“Kody’s hitting Evipero really hard! He may just win this!” Ayane said. Shu, however, wasn’t lookin as confident as his friends. “I wouldn’t be so sure. Evipero looks like a defense type, because Karven’s attacks aren’t really having the same devastating hits like they would for a stamina type. I think Kody’s in big trouble if he doesn’t come up with a plan fast.” Shu answered worriedly.

When Karven hit Evipero for the sixth time, Emiko grinned evilly. “Now, Evipero! Constriction Launch! Squeeze the life out of your victim!” She yelled at her bey. Evipero started circling around Karven and holding the attack type in place.

Kody was nervous, but he refused to accept defeat. “Come on, Karven! Don’t let them push you around!” He shouted, but when Evipero’s Horned Serpent avatar appeared and rammed into Karven, it was all over when Karven burst and Evipero still spun victoriously. All the bladers, except for Emiko, were shocked.

“Epic Evipero with a burst finish! Emiko Hatsume wins the battle with a score of two to zero.” Shu announced. Kody picked up Karven and looked at his bey sadly. Emiko scoffed and started to leave, but not before telling Kody some words that would impact him harshly. “You know, if you even want to come close to beating me, you should learn how to read your opponent’s ideas, not just your own. Since you’re a new blader, I can understand why you lost so miserably to me, but if you keep this up, you’re never gonna last in the first round. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.” She said coldly and walking on to another beystadium to train.

Kody stood up, clenching his fists and watching Emiko leave. “She’s right, about all of it.” Ayane hugged her brother. “No way, she’s wrong. You just weren’t prepared for that kind of attack.” She replied. “Exactly! I couldn’t even tell what she was going to do and just threw myself in without a plan. No real blader does that! I need to work harder than I have before, or else, I’ll lose again…” Kody lamented.

Shu put his hand on Kody’s shoulder. “Then we’ll help you work harder too.” He said. Valt cheerfully agreed. “You know that we’ve got your back, brother. You can count on us to help you through this.” Ayane chimed. Kody thanked them all and smiled kindly. “Thanks, guys. Thank you, so much.” He replied happily. Emiko watched them from afar. “Kody Takeo. He’s got potential, but I hope he’ll figure out how to use it, or it’ll be a lost cause for him someday.” She thought to herself, as she continued training with Evipero.

The next day, after school. The Bladebreakers met up at the district tournament, and greeted each other. “So, I hear you lost to another blader, huh, Kody?” Daisuke asked. Kody nodded. “Yeah, she was really powerful too. I think she’s in the tournament as well.” He replied. “Well, I know you’re gonna find a way to defeat her, Kody. I’m sure of it!” Tora cheerfully added. Kody smiled at her. “Thanks, guys. Looks like we gotta go and get ready for the first matches.” Said Kody, as the team went into their waiting rooms and prepared for the upcoming matches.

“So, this is where it all begins. The district tournament. If I lose here, I’ll never get this chance again for a while. I have to make each of my battles count, no matter what. My friends and I are here for one reason, and one reason only. Victory.” thought Kody, as he stared at his Beyblade.

To Be Continued.

Next Is Episode 17: Battle Between Friends! Kody VS Daisuke!
Previously, On Beyblade Burst Bladebreakers 2.0,

After hearing about Lui Shirosagi being the top blader in japan, Kody decided to do some training for the upcoming tournament, but then, he meets the mysterious Emiko Hatsume, the owner of Epic Evipero. After losing a battle to her, Kody must find a way to defeat her, as she will not accept defeat any time soon.

Chapter 17: Battle Between Friends! Kody VS Daisuke!

Kody was sitting in his room, thinking up a strategy for his match against Daisuke. “Dominus is the type of bey that has high spin time, thanks to its free spinning Orbit tip, but I’ve seen its layer design and it has some pretty spiky contact points. Maybe, that’ll give Karven the advantage he needs to pull through.” Kody thought.

Meanwhile, Daisuke was pacing around his room, trying to figure out how to beat Kody. “Kody and Karven are a pretty unpredictable team. No one can really tell what goes on in their minds, so I can’t pull any punches. I need to use all of Dominus’ defense power, especially if I want to survive the hunt.” He thought to himself.

The two boys walked to their places and waited for announcer Hinami to call them to the stage. “OK, Boys and Girls! I’m your faithful announcer, Hanami, and We have a very exciting match today Between the Winged Wolf Master, Kody Takeo, against The Green Giant, Daisuke Ryuga! Let’s see who’s gonna come out on top!” Said Hinami.

The boys stepped to their sides of the stadium and set up their beys. “Hey, Daisuke. No hard feelings if one of us wins, right?” Kody asked, being friendly.” Daisuke smiled. “Yeah, No hard feelings, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try my hardest!” He replied. Kody smirked. “Yeah, I won’t hold back anything! Let’s go!” Said Kody excitedly.

They set up their beyblades and got ready to launch. “Ok, Listen up! The first blader to win two points will win move on the the next phase! Bladers ready?” Asked the referee. The audience started the countdown. “3, 2, 1!” Kody and Daisuke pulled hard on their launchers, sending their beys into the dish. “LET IT RIIIP!” They shouted.

Karven was moving swiftly across the Stadium, in an unusual pattern. Daisuke was curious. “What do you and Karven have in mind?” He inquired. Kody grinned. “Heh, you’ll find out soon enough.” He replied cunningly as Karven suddenly shifted in direction and attacked Dominus. “Nope, Not today! Dominus, Drago Wall Launch!” Dominus repelled Karven’s assault and sent it out of the Stadium.

“Destroyer Dominus earns one point by a Ring-Out Finish!” Said the referee. “Oh, no! Kody’s first match and he’s already a point behind! Let’s hope he can turn this around, or else, he’ll be going home!” Hanami said in his usually loud demeanor. Daisuke Grinned. “Don’t feel too bad, buddy. It was a good plan, but I just happened to see it coming.” He said. Kody smiled. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I just gotta be more unpredictable the next time.” Kody said confidently.

The bladers got ready for battle. Kody’s stance was the same as before, but he held his launcher to his back and moved away from the stadium. Ayane noticed his actions and smiled to herself, knowing that Kody has another one of his great ideas.

“Bladers ready?” Asked the referee. As the bladers confirmed, the countdown in the audience started. “3, 2, 1, LET IT RIIIP”

The second match was off in Daisuke’s favor, as Dominus had claimed the center in seconds, leaving Karven to attack as much as it could. Daisuke grinned as he watched the battle, but Kody didn’t seem worried, as he simply wore a straight face, staring at Karven. Daisuke was a little put off by his friend’s odd behavior.

What’s he up to? He’s clearly got a plan if this is how he’s acting. I have to be careful, here. Every time Kody loses once, he comes back harder and faster than before." Daisuke thought.

Ok, everything is going as planned, but I still can’t get too confident, because Dominus still has defense power for days. If I get reckless, even once, I’ll be in for a bad time…

Karven and Dominus continued to clash and dance around the stadium. Dominus was enduring the impacts, but Karven was attacking with more vigor. It seemed like the match would last for an eternity, when suddenly, A massive smash from both beys sent them flying. It seems like Karven was going to hit the floor first, when an unexpected burst from Dominus handed Kody and Karven the two points needed to advance. “Kody and Karven win two to one with a burst finish! They’ll move on to the second round!” The referee announced.

Kody was so happy, he jumped into the air, pointing his bey to the sky. “Yeah, we did it! We’re moving on to the next round!” He said excitedly. Daisuke walked up to Kody with a friendly smile. “Nice work, little buddy! You really had me there. Guess this means I gotta get better at defense, huh?” Kody smiled back at his companion. “Well, thanks, Daisuke, but I still have more to learn too. But the good thing is, we can get stronger together!” He replied kindly. Daisuke chuckled. “Sounds like a plan, pal.”

As the boys went to meet up with the rest of their friends, Emiko was watching them leave. This time, she had an interested look on her face. “Heh, the kid’s getting better. Of course, that’ll all be null and void if he can’t handle Evipiro’s power. But, still, he might get to that level sooner than I think. Of course, only time will tell…” She said to herself, as she slinked away into the shadows.

To be continued.

Next episode is Chapter 18: Fright fight, Doomscizor VS Yokaidro!

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