My hopes for Nintendo switch.

I love my switch, but there are some things that would make it legendary.

1: A Gameboy/ Ds and 3ds player. On the Gamecube there was an ad on called the gameboy player. It allowed you to use the gameboy and gameboy advance cartridges to play the original games. My hope is for an ad on to the dock that would allow you to play Gameboy, GBA, DS, and 3DS games in docked mode. I also wish that there would be a way to strip the game off the cartridge and have the game digitally on the switch.

2: A disk driver ad on. It would be an ad on that would have a disk drive. It could play Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U games. There were many games released on the Wii U that were really good, but since the console did not sell well nobody was able to play these awesome games. Gamecube had amazing games like Smash Brothers Melee, Super Mario Sunshine, and Luigi's mansion. Wii would be possible because of the switches motion controls. You would also be able to strip the game off the disks and make them digital.

3: Enhanced dock. The regular Nintendo switch dock alright. The dock has attendances to scratch the switches screen. This upgraded dock would have a protective material on the inside to prevent scratching. The dock would have the DS/ Gameboy player and the Disk Drive built in to the dock. Enough said.

If you can think of anything better then let me know.