My defence and endurence blade

Ok so this is my best defense blade.
AR:gazzy without the thing you put under the AR
WD:i think its called 8 balence
BB:original dracial
please give me feedback and they are takara parks
It's illegal to use an AR that can take a Sub-AR without one. So this combo is illegal.
Oh i didnt know that. I will try another attack ring i geuss and post the new one when i figure it out
Since the ar i had was illegal, instead I put a hasbro drigger and it increased the attack a bit
EDIT AGAIN can I use a differmt sub ring like the one that comes with galman?
another edit: since my drigger AR is cracked and wont take a bit chip, i switched it with a dranzer v AR and it is rrealy balence know but mostly defence
Yes, you can change between sub-rings. Also, by original Draciel, do you mean MBD or Draciel S? The later would be better for defensive purposes.
What parts do you have? MG WD or 10-Heavy would suit this better.
sorry i have been beybladeing for a while but i dont know what alll the parts are called. I will read about it on beywiki more