My Beyblade Story Chapter 03

Yumi's bey (DeadDivisor) has generated a big and powerfull tornado!*1
G-Ha! its not attack!you is weak! Black Sun *2! Dark Move! Destruction Twin God Emperor King Assault!(This move makes an all elemental disaster water earth air fire lightning ice plant)
g-Yes!Hahahahaha!hahahahahaha!(Ryuga beyblade metal fusion sound)
G-Hahahaha!Its my power! Im destroy your bey!Hahahahahahahaha!
Gingka:Not now, Gyngi!
g-Ginga! You want to destroy your pegasus?!Hmmmmmmm?!
Ryuga: Ha! You anyone destroy it this place!
Gingka: Ryuga?! You...You help me?
Ryuga: Yes.Im help you to defeat this evil power!
3..2..1..Let It...RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
g-ha,you not beat me!
Black Sun! Rubber Strike!(This move uses the rubber in the beyblade wheel, and the rubber take the enemy beyblade's spin power)
Ryuga: L-Drago!
Gingka: Pegasus!
g-In my bey,a rubber..this rubber he takes the enemy beyblade spin power in attack, and in defense! not chance to beat me!Hahahahahaha!
Ryuga: Its my laught sound! Gyngi copyed my laught sound!
Gingka: Big problem Ryuga
g-Nemesis! take this beypower!
What? Black Sun tranformed to.... L-Pegasus? Diablo Basalt L-Pegasus D! *3
g-L-Pegasus! attack!
L-Drago and Pegasus Broken!*4
Gingka: Noooooo!
Ryuga: Its my sound!
Ryuga: No
Madoka:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ITS TOTALLY BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
To Be Continued........................
Hey dude just edit your first post and put all the chapters in that 1 thread, good story btw.