(Metal Fight) Beyblade Zero-G article.

To me, I knew enough now for an article to be reasonably made. Before now, too little was known, it would have been unprofessional.


It looks empty for the moment, but essentially all the known and confirmed information is there for the whole Beyblade community to see now.
Good to see at least something official up for Zero-G.
Hopefully this will clear up any questions people have about Zero-G, even a few of my own. Thank you Kai-V!
Spread the link to everybody you know then, hah.
Yes ma'am! Will do. Wink
I made a few modifications to this article to reflect what we learned today.
At Nocto's notification, I have updated the Zero-G article to reflect everything we know more :
A few ideas:

-In the ZG Stadium section, you may want to mention the minimum height in Zero-G (the lowest height that doesn't really scrape).

-In the Size Section, we know that ZG Beys are roughly the same size as regular MFBs now. That section was written before many people had ZGs, so it needs to be updated.

-"Similar to the nomenclature used in all of Metal Fight Beyblade, the name of a combo using Synchrom will always start with the Chrome Wheel at the bottom, then the one at the top. Even if the Clear Wheel is always atop the Metal Wheel except in L-Drago Beyblades, the latter part is always named first, like in Storm Pegasis 105RF. Likewise, a Zero-G Synchrom Beyblade with Begirados below a Goreim is called "Begirados Goreim"; if flipped, it becomes "Goreim Begirados". "

-"While it is completely new and generally untested, Beyblade Zero-G offers the freshness Beyblade needed to avoid going into a second hiatus, as it did after Bakuten Shoot Beyblade. This series will introduce the development of multiple new launching techniques and strategies, and invariably display Beyblade battles like never seen before. "
^This should be updated as well.