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21.The Heated Battle of Friendship
Atsuki yūjō no batoru
Air-Date: 2012-08-26


Hmm, Gen Kikura returning... didn't see that coming...

There is no sign of Kikura Gen in the preview ... Takanosuke is seen though, and someone who is hinted as Zero is able to push what Kite could not.
I meant that Gen Kikura was mentioned in the episode synopsis.
So based on the episode

1) Zero is gonna challenge Yoshio to a battle in ep. 23 if nothing changes
2) Kikura Gen came to find Zero and challenge him I suppose, but he runs into Takanosuke
3) Unabara Brothers Synchrom...?

Kikura Gen still uses that lame stamina battle to challenge Takanosuke, and received the same ending from him.

Also it seems in the next episode Unabara Brothers will challenge Takanosuke to a battle.
Kite is still obsessing over his defeat, trying to knock down several metallic barrels miserably. He even snaps at his brother and sends things toward him, almost hurting him. He seems to tell Eight that the only way to win would be to do Synchrom. Zero and the others are at Benkei's restaurant trying to find a solution too.

Zero then battles both Ren and Shinobu at the same time.

Takanosuke is seemingly looking for Sakyo at a harbour when Kikura Gen appears from the water as if to ambush him. Takanosuke constantly thinks of how Sakyo would act, idolising him ... Gen starts not caring at all about the battle, which seems to work. Takanosuke finally realises, with Kite's help, that striking it from the side does nothing to Killerken, so he attacks from the top, like Tsubasa or Ginga. Eight challenges him or something just before he can leave the harbour.
(Aug. 26, 2012  1:56 PM)MrMasterBey Wrote: is episode coming today or not

Don't rush Dranzer. He'll post it when he gets the chance.