Metal Fight Beyblade Care tips

Here you can ask any question about metal fight beyblade care tips which will be answered by either other bladers or me myself Smile Hope this thread becomes useful! No rude comments pleaseCute

Anyway,here are some common care tips:
>Avoid forcing the face to turn too much(while assembling your MFB) ,if it stops turning,that's it(unless you want to end up with a broken face)
>You may apply clear nail polish on your MFB's stickers as a protective layer(Don't put too much!). Thanks to Kai-V and Blaze Wheeler for the tip!
>Don't pull the Bey Launcher forcedly as this may damage or break the string of the Bey Launcher. Try buying BB-58 Bay Launcher Suspension for support in the Bey Launcher's string
>Though this isn't a care tip, this is a care tip for you guys and your money:Avoid buying FAKE MFBs or any other Bey Blades as these are easily broken. Inspect the box for these following signs if the MFB is original:
a.)Look for the holographic sticker near the bar code under the box
b.)Look for the Takara-Tomy or Hasbro logo on the box
Any other questions? Just ask them by commenting below! Happy Blading!
I really think this is not a needed thread. All the information is compiled elsewhere, which are more succinct and further discuss the issues.
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