Metal Face Bolts

Can you get a metal face bolt? i need one for my storm pegasus coz its stika is a 'bit' grubby

and where can you get one from iin england???
the sticker isn't important and yes you can get one from the video game
i like to make it look like the one on tv , pretty and neat Tongue_out its something girls do Tongue_out

do u mean it comes with the videon game if you buy it?
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Its impossible but I can hook you up with one red metal face PM me
aww y cant they make the things in the show Gasp coz the metal face bolt looks so cool and it doesnt have a sticker so it doesnt go all manky
that's just another thing that Hasbro messed up on "sigh"
You can find them all over Ebay. I think I found them to cost about $7-$10 shipped for two of them.
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Market place? but this is nothing about selling things . people are just on about them being sold Tongue_out

pokemon is awesome! GO Ampharos!!! Tongue_out its so cute

(stupid high prices and things that are poorly built suck!)

how did this turn into a sellings area , i only asked when you can get them from Gasp

tut tut people , changing the subject to selling Tongue_out (jk)

im random and weird in case you havent noticed
... You're looking for one, are you not? You need to check Stores with Beyblades In Stock ...
No not really i just wanted to see if they actually exsist , because some tv shows make products but not with the things they show on the tv programme (eg. bakugan)
Then you should have used the "Ask a question, get an answer!" topic, or read the Bey News forum. Metal Faces are mostly common in the Japanese products, and they have not been released yet by Hasbro. When they will, around mid-November, they will only be available with the video games, as alexscott12 mentioned.