Maximum Garuda Combos

Anyone know top tier maximum Garuda combos?
Maximum Garuda 7Glave Atomic [or orbit for more burst resistance]
mG.7S.O is the right balance for me.

i love atomic in other combos, but with mG, orbit feels safer

i’ve found star makes a tiny increase in stamina over glave
If you want more power, I'd probably suggest Maximum Garuda 4glave Atomic.
Maximum Garuda 5Glaive Yielding or Maximum Garuda 0Bump Orbit
Lately I've been finding success with Garuda G3 7Glaive Needle
Otherwise Orbit/Atomic or even 0/4 with Star has worked wonders for me
mG (A mold God chip).7/4/5 G/S/B.At/O/Y/R/Pl (not recommended for stamina, but more of defense)
mG.0B.At. is good for defence and have stamina too
Garuda with an metal God chip may sometimes give a little more burst resistance but with its good with 7Glaive Orbit
Mine is mG 4C.O.............It works completely fine