Master Diabolos Build: Help.

Just got into Beyblades a week ago. I love Diabolos and all its variations. I even have a TT Death and Abyss Diabolos. I mainly use Master Diabolos.

I'm using a Master Diabolos Zephyr 0 B-178

I like really aggressive swings and I'm trying to get me some top tier part combinations from some of the pros here what would be a good disc and driver combo to add? The ones that come in the set are kind of trash. I like destroy dash as a Driver a lot, but I haven't found a good forge disc or chassis that can compliment it well. Any suggestions?
Master Achilles Blitz/Sting Quick'/Xtreme' or Master Achilles 10 expand destroy' for Stamina Master Longinus Hasbro Wheel Xtend+ (master was mainly used for its same and opposite spin stamina but it has decent attack)
Master is not good as an attacker but does excellent as a stamina type. Try using Master Longinous/diabolos/spirggan in left spin mode on vanguard/around with bearing'/BDR/Drift/xtend+

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However, the Death layer is the best option for attack out of the 3, so try using 1S Wheel Xtreme'/quick'