[Maryland, USA] Maryland Beybladers

Look at the xanadu games thread. Its in baltimore
what bey blades do u have? :\
I want a tournament in MD
(Jan. 05, 2011  2:57 AM)Furydragoon Wrote: any body live in pg county and feel like battling
Yes that would be me
There was a tournament today in Owings Mills
Does anyone Object to a Tournament in Waldorf most Tournaments are Silver Spring cause that works for everyone but would waldorf be closer for any one I already have at least 4 Parks for free use
You can try your own realatives to add in also. Like your cousins maybe? Just a word of advice to get going. =]
Seriously where are all of the tournaments in Maryland? I live in Maryland and I would like to do a lot more beyblading and by September I will have at least 18 beyblade. I am ready to battle with Sol Blaze and Gravity Destroyer.
I am competing in the toys r us tournament in annapolis on saturday august 27th 2011 so come and compete if you dare I will try to a waugh chapel shirt so tell me if you are a member of the WBO and your username see you there.
ya OK a tournament in Maryland would be grate for me since i'm the only good beyblader in a 5 mile radius frome were i live and a think a tournament in Maryland would good
ya have one
The Maryland Metagame is alive and well, but is staying warm in a DC hotel for the winter. The next tournament is this Saturday.

I'm about to move to Maryland and was wondering if we could start a tourney again.
(May. 26, 2012  7:39 AM)ElderBow Wrote: I'm about to move to Maryland and was wondering if we could start a tourney again.

We have tournaments every month so jusr wait till then for a tournament from Arupaeo. (or other MD hosts but it's usually Arupaeo)
Where do these normally take place? I am going to be in Clinton, near Andrews AFB.
Bladers! I'm trying to host a tourney in Asburn, VA's Asburn(Dinosaur)Park. It's about a 30-40 minute drive. I want it to be at around July 21 starting registration at 2:30 PM. PM me or Post in this thread if you want to join. If anyone has BB-10 stadiums there willing to lend please step forward and volunteer. Thanks!
I'm looking to start up a tournament in the north-eastern Maryland area near the borders of PA and DE. I was hoping that somebody else could help me host it. Shoot me a PM if any of you are interested.
Anyone else have any interest in having tournaments for our area elsewhere besides MLK park?
And where do you live tyson?
Alternative locations for tournaments are welcome suggestions, and eventually I would like to see multiple hosts creating tournaments in different areas. I'm also curious as to what locations people would like to have tournaments.

So far we've had tournaments in DC during the winter months. Where else could we have them? Is there a good location near to where you (everyone/anyone) live that you think would be good?
I do not know if we could have winter tournament in Xanadu Games in Baltimore?
Would there be a room fee?
I actually would assume it would be cheaper than a conference room...
Xanadu Games would be awesome, but I asked Arupaeo once and he said he didn't want people and himself to be driving to such a far place, since most of our community is in the Silver Spring/DC area.

If Arupaeo can't host, I'm open to maybe driving to wherever and starting something up.
I'm Hoping to get some things started in my area if there is interest. I don't live far from MLK Park but enough to make an hour drive.
Both interesting ideas. Billy, we would get more VA Bladers if it was in Waldorf.
Hey whats up guys?Tongue_out Is there anyone that lives in MD that would to support VA in a tournament in Virginia Beach, Virginia on July 22nd? It would be awesome if I could get one or two bladers to come down to support us. We would greatly appreciate it.Smile
For those in the Silver Spring-DC area, it's about a four hour drive.