Managing Your Collection

I did a few searches, and didn't seem to find anything on this subject.

How does everyone manage their Bey collection? Right now I'm using a spreadsheet in Google Drive, but was thinking of writing up a quick web app to do the job.
Oh man, I think everyone just vaguely remembers if they bought something or not, hah. Otherwise, they take time one day to write a list and post it in the Beyblade Collection topic. I never thought anyone would use Excel or something like that. Do you write extra details, like when each of the items was bought ?
Nope. I just write the name, product code, company, series, spin direction, and the parts (so I know the original configs)

Comes in handy when the kids switch their parts and then complain that they don't know what part came from where Smile
Well, when I manage my collection, I will do the following:

1. Look for any Beyblades that I wanna sell away for money
2. Look for any Beyblades that have defects on tracks and bottoms and replace them
I tend to want to put all my beyblades together with the original parts and I forget what tracks and bottoms went to some, especially Hasbro double pack beys.

I just remember by memory, though. Using excel seems cool.
Yeah, like Kai-V said, I generally remember what I bought, I don't remember the product code because I have Beywiki, I generally, know the company and series, and I usually know the original parts.
As for spin direction, I think I would be crazy if I didn't know the direction.
Usually when I'm done playing with them I put them all back in their stock combinations (e.g. taking the R2F off of Flash and putting it back on Pegasus.) I keep most of them in a tackle box and the rest go in my PTW/Zero-G Stadium. I remember what I have and don't have and what the original parts were, but not when I bought them or how much they cost.
I have a big tackle box (though its getting to small) where I sort my parts by...part. Metal Wheels, Clear Wheels, Face Bolts, Tracks, Tips, then I have my tools, crystal/chrome wheels, and 4D bottoms in one.
My plastics are sorted similarly.
Keeping a database of your collection is helpful, especially if you have a large collection. By using a spreadsheet software like Excel, you can easily keep more accurate lists, since they can be easily edited as your collection changes.

Personally, it's more helpful for me in keeping track of my MFB collection, since I leave them disassembled and organized by part type. I have the tendency to forget what certain parts are, especially tips, like for instance, mistaking DS as a weird-looking black WD and wondering what the heck it is. By documenting each Bey by their parts and colors, I can figure out what goes with what and put them back together when I want to more easily.
I also made ones for my Plastics and HMS Beys, but the lists aren't as detailed since I keep them assembled and the parts are more easy to recognize since the color is mostly uniform unlike the MFB series.

As for the things I use for containers, I just use these for the MFBs. The different parts snap together and the removable divided trays are useful for tracks and tips. If I ever run out of room in them, I can always get another set since they're pretty cheap.
I don't have too much time at home, so I actually use an excel to manage my combos and what to buy not only for beyblades, I use it for everything I want to buy, it's more organized and keeps me away from losing money!, when I have all the beyblade I want to play with and keep has a collection when I get bored (until I play again) I will only use one sheet to only note what I need to replace

I have a tools box for the physical way of organizing my collection, pretty useful
I have 3 methods which I use simultaneously:
1. Keep a physical chart of all my parts, written with the default bey setup, product code, and company. List is sorted from oldest to newest.
2. Keep a list on my iPad minis Notebook app, while its no excel, it manages to get the job done fairly well. Also sorted from oldest to newest.
3. I have all my beys on a shelf in my room, I place them starting from the right and going left till there's no room, again by oldest to newest and all beys are kept in "Vanilla" set ups. Some special beys aren't apart of this (Including my super special awesome Big Bang Pegasus collection, or my DVD version of Earth Eagle) and are stored in their default packages.
For me this methods what I using:

1.Seperate the section of the beys like Zero-G section box is only for Zero-G.

2.After playing I am gonna put the items to the original fix.

That's all.
I might do the Excel thing, it seems helpful. ButI postly put them in a case by parts except for some beys.
I just keep a little list of all the beys I have, and keep track of where I bought it from, and for how much. I update it every time I get a new bey or a new accessorie.
My way is an absolute mess, in separate bags and stuff. Un-organised to hell.
I simply store my beyblades uncustomized in tackle boxes in terms of type of bey. (Attack, Defense, etc) As for spare launchers and ripcords, I store them in a cardboard box along with broken parts. Also I store my tools, sticker sheets, instructions, and packaging in large and small plastic boxes. The downside is I am slightly getting unorganized since whenever I get more beyblades, I run out of more space to store them.
I'm getting a bit carried away

I deal with what parts go where by memory, but after coustomising, i seem to lose a few of he beyblades ($9 well spent!) so i try to find good combonations with the parts i have. i'm pretty sure i'm drifting off topic so this is the end of the message.