Making a 3D printable Rev Up Launcher

Hey there,

I'm a design engineer by trade and I would love the opportunity to digitize a Rev Up Launcher before they're all lost to the sands of time

I managed to find one for sale but what with the ongoing pandemic, I just don't have the money to spare to buy it outright (they want around 209USD). I created a gofundme page to hopefully raise the money to buy it.

But if anybody simply has a metal fusion generation Rev Up Launcher that's either broken, or they're willing to lend it to me so we can preserve this design then that would be even better

I will commit to replicating and releasing for free the original design files. After this I'm hoping that I will be able to create updated versions that will 3d print perfectly, support burst beyblades, and ultimately spin in both directions - but these 3 points are merely hopes at this stage as I have never even seen one in person

I hope we can band together as a community to do this, thanks for reading this and please share with anybody you think might be able to help!
The beybladegeeks have quite a few rev-up launchers, try asking them to do a video show off the mechanisms, they already did a video why they fixed a broken one, and modded one for beyblade burst.