Mad Minoboros dicussion

Speed launcher
Standard burst stadium

M2GX: 2 (1KO, 1BF)
WSO:  8 (8OS)

M2GX: 1 (1BF)
K2H0:  9 (9OS)

So far it seems like a terrible layer. I've been testing it as an anti-attack layer, although it's not bad i can't get consistent results with it. i will post tests of it against V2, sometime this week or next week.
Wow, impressively bad. Thank you for those tests and be careful: the brown edges will start stripping off after a few battles.

I am really glad I did not purchase this Random Layer Collection.
While I do want to wait for the testings of others before I draw conclusions, these feel pretty revealing of Mad Minoboros.

I was hoping that this would be like the Basic Layer Minoboros, but it doesn't seem like it.. thank you for the testings, Neet! Smile
Try M2KZ and see if it's comparable to MKZ