AR:Master Dragoon
WD:10 Heavy
SG:Magnetic Right
BB:Gaia Dragoon V

AR:Gaia Dragoon V
WD:Ten Wide
SG:Mw Right
BB:Flash Leopard

AR:Flash Leopard
WD:8 Heavy
BB:Master Dragoon

AR:Master Draciel
WD:10 Balance
SG:Magnetic Right
BBGrinriger V
The first one is a good upper attacker. I don't know what your going for in the second.
Maybe try flash leopard with a 10 heavy and mg right.
Post what beyblades you have so we can help you better.
The list of his blades :
Gaia Dragoon V(2)
Flash Leopard
Driger V
Master Draciel : Attack Ring and Weight Disk

First Combo :
Very good upper attacker.

Second Combo :
Like Maz, I don't understand the concept of this combo.

Third Combo :
Put a 10 Wide and the MG core.

Fourth Combo :
EDIT : put a 10 heavy. You need more defense when you have a Metal Flat base.
Yeah i would just go with flash leopard with a 10 heavy and magnet sg.