(MSF?)Wyvang Wyvang E230RF

I have been trying to make a standard combo that has enough attack power to take down Defense,  attack, and balance types.
  So I used the E230 spin track for smash attack and defense, since it has a lot of outter weight and because of the elevator gimmick it could possibly scrape without much stamina loss, the reason I used wyvang is because it has massive attack power and decent defense, this is just hypothetical  combo and I still don't  have all the parts; if anyone wants to test this combo, I would be very thankful.
  If you have any suggestions, I would also be very grateful
Not a really good combo, anything tall doesn't work with attack, and since your using RF your not gonna utilise it's stamina/LAD, wyvyang wyvyang is a good choice for attack if you had a good track for it. You should either go for a full E230+CF/CF LAD build9using stuff like genbu) or a 145 track attack build. If you really waant a "balance" build use wheels that had slight smash(dragooon or phoenic) and BD145+RDF
Thanks very helpful, so do you think killerken dragooon BD145RDF is good, I just started making combos so anything would be great