MLMPPCRTTH: The Final Counter

I'm going to close this now and suggest that everyone carefully re-read (or read for the first time if you haven't already) this post: . It says essentially everything that needs to be said in this thread.

And to all of the people who are saying "Kei you should have just made a nice little thread where we can all discuss these issues calmly":

(May. 27, 2011  12:17 AM)Kei Wrote: You're free to hold that opinion, and in fact, I had originally considered posting a thread in the Advanced Forum. However, as I said in my previous post, "I had to make it impactful". I had to incite a reaction out of people, because to me, this issue has become almost irreversibly ingrained within the consciousness of the Bladers around this forum as of late, and it's been sickening to me. A calm conversation wasn't what I felt was needed in this case. Inspiring a reaction is exactly what I wanted.

Doing what you guys are suggesting was not an option in my mind. There has been multiple occasions when people have tried to tackle some of these issues head on, and where did that get us? The fact that this thread has 15 pages says enough for this threads success in bringing the issue to the forefront of Blader's minds to me. Now, hopefully all of you who do not understand what it was I was trying to express will understand once you've re-read the post I've linked to above.

And just to reinforce some things, and to make sure they aren't forgotten, here are a few other good posts:

Kei Wrote:Seriously, someone tell me why there is a cult of worship around the "creators" of MF Meteo L Drago CH120XF and MF Lightning L Drago BD145LRF, yet there was never such a cult around Libra CH120RF, MF Lightning L Drago CH120RF, MF Libra C145WB, Earth Bull 145WD, MF Earth Bull GB145RS, MF Vulcan Horuseus 85R2F, MF Pegasis 145RF, Earth Bull 230CS, Basalt Bull 230CS, or MF-H Basalt Bull BD145MB/CS?

Kei Wrote:This is true, it did take ages to find a counter. You weren't around back when Libra was dominating, so I don't expect that you would understand entirely what it was like, but Libra had a similar effect on the game as well. Yet, no "cults" were ever formed for the customs that could beat it. I think "enthusiastic assessment" is putting it lightly. I haven't once blamed him for how others reacted after that, so I don't understand where that accusation is coming from ... if I was blaming him entirely, why would I keep repeating that this about the community? I'm just saying that he was the source, his posting of the MF Lightning L Drago BD145LRF combo, and how he talked about it, was the start of everything.

(May. 28, 2011  2:15 PM)momiji manju Wrote: By focusing on a problem in a community, you naturally target what is most central to this problem.

^For those who don't know how to interpret things properly, I'm not saying Bluezee intentionally formed a cult, I'm saying at the end of the day, that is what formed, and that is where the most attention is focused.

(Jun. 01, 2011  2:28 AM)Kai-V Wrote: The only excuse you have is laziness.

Names were used in the past because Bakuten Shoot Beyblade's naming system was absolutely horrible, in my opinion. Metal Fight Beyblade's is so easy that it really needs to stop, at least the way it has been done recently.

(Jun. 02, 2011  5:00 AM)Kai-V Wrote: Pegasis 105F. Oh, the hideousness. My brain is too small to understand such a simple naming system's beauty.

(Jun. 02, 2011  5:07 AM)Deikailo Wrote:
(Jun. 02, 2011  5:00 AM)Kai-V Wrote: Pegasis 105F. Oh, the hideousness. My brain is too small to understand such a simple naming system's beauty.
They should give it a proper name like Dragon Breaker/Screw Zeus/Wide Survivor/SG HMC Left/Survivor Ring/Customize Grip Base?

(Jun. 03, 2011  8:06 PM)♥ Wrote: Gonna let Kei have the final say on when to close this, but guys who are jumping on the moral high ground: newsflash, this isn't, and was never, what this is or was about.

This is not about one person. This is about the community.
Kei Wrote:Create a combo because you want to advance the way the game is played, because you have a thirst for experimentation, not because you want to ever take credit for it. If you find a combination of parts that ends up being amazing, yes, you deserve some credit for bringing it about, but you can never forget about the ideas and people that preceded you over the past eleven years. We are all in this together.