MFB Explosion: Episode 87 - The Plot Begins to Move (12/05/10)

How not? he will crush all the bladers if he wants.
(Nov. 30, 2010  1:37 PM)top beyblader Wrote: How not? he will crush all the bladers if he wants.
Ryuuga is not really 'evil' anymore, if you had not noticed.
There's a difference between a rival and an antagonist. It's fine if Ryuuga becomes a rival because, well, Ginga has about four of them already (Kyouya, Masamune, Hyouma, and that kid with Cyber Pegasis whose name I've forgotten)

And besides, it would be fine for Ryuuga to become an antagonist again. He's grown in strenght and we've established that he hasn't changed at all. There was even a giant red thunder-clap when Ginga saw Ryuuga, he would still be a good bad guy.

But he won't be. The new vilains are surely Damian Heart, Faust and the doctor dude.
from what I saw Ryuga is still evil. I hope he will crush yurusanai again
He's not evil anymore! It's already been said. He just not good either.
(Dec. 02, 2010  8:16 AM)top beyblader Wrote: from what I saw Ryuga is still evil. I hope he will crush yurusanai again

You're so boring Tired

Boohoohoooo! I hope Ginga loses even though it's obviously not gonna happen! I heard that Ginga will lose to the best bladers, whoever that is. Tyson lost more often, it's not fair!

Grow up Tired
Who the hell is Yurusanai?
(Dec. 02, 2010  2:24 PM)megablader2 Wrote: Who the hell is Yurusanai?
Go to one-hundred :

It is quite childish to call Ginga "yurusanai" all the time ...
(Dec. 02, 2010  3:18 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Go to one-hundred :

It is quite childish to call Ginga "yurusanai" all the time ...

thanks kai-v for the link.

i knew that it means something like "not forgiveable", etc. but seriously it just has nothing to do with Ginga's name what so ever... the closest that yurusenai sounds like is yurusei, Ginga's father if i'm not mistaken...

and top beyblader, you should stop trolling.
(Dec. 02, 2010  4:07 PM)Jaems Wrote: the closest that yurusenai sounds like is yurusei, Ginga's father if i'm not mistaken...

and top beyblader, you should stop trolling.

Ah, that is the term I was looking for.
(Nov. 30, 2010  10:57 AM)megablader2 Wrote: He's not the main villain again.... We're pretty sure the guy on the american team with Hell Kerbex is.

Sorry if I go a bit off topic, but I'm beggining to think that the actual very end villian may be Faust. I know I'm speculating, but I have to admit I'm liking the way this is going, I have my doubts about who will be really faced at the end of this season.
he IS evil. I saw him hypnotise tsubasa to be evil!
I don't think that the man with the yellow hair will be the main rival because he lost to yurusanai, although he is in the opening.
who knows maybe ryuga will decide to participate with kyoya and beat yurusanai once for all! don't forget, yurusanai is weak, he did not even beat kyoya, so ryuga? I promise, ryuga will BUTSUKETE him!
(Dec. 03, 2010  9:23 AM)top beyblader Wrote: <insert_troll>

your trolls never get old... oh wait? they do.

may as well make my comment more useful and tell you your errors..

tsubasa did not get hypnotised, he had an evil intent in him from Ryuuga (FIRST SEASON) after losing to him which conjured it.

yellow hair man... his name is Julius Cesar and he is NOT the main antagonist.. by saying this it is now 100% clear that YOU have not even reached ep.80 yet.

Ryuuga will not team up with Kyoya to fight Ginga... (at least not for a very long time, if the writers ever want to milk this one day)

Ginga has beaten Kyoya once? (or twice (1v1)) and tied once.

if your promise is not fulfilled, will you promise to stop posting trolls/stupid posts in return? Cute
i also highly doubt that Ginga will face Ryuuga again in this season, just to milk sales for M.LDrago because the sales seems to have gone high enough already without further advertising (especially with the special set).. of course this doesn't mean that Ryuuga won't make appearances to battle in as we saw in the ep preview.

now please STOP being a retard
You're just embarassing yourself, top beyblader. Don't you have any pride?

Where the hell did Ginga hypnotise Tsubasa, you idiot?

While Julius Ceasar was a cool character, they didn't even give him a backstory in the anime. In the manga, he wasn't even evil to begin with, he was just a cold jerk because of his crappy father and that changed once he had a talk with his dad after having been defeated by Ginga! Besides, he's currently in a coma because of the real antagonist, Damian Heart.

Bottom line, you can think whatever you want, but Ginga is going to win in the end. He may lose once or twice until the end of Metal Fight Explosion, but he will win.

Now, stop whinning that you don't like Ginga. I don't like Hokuto but I got over it!
(Dec. 03, 2010  3:28 PM)Dude Wrote: Where the hell did Ginga hypnotise Tsubasa, you idiot?

actually he meant Ryuuga hypnotising Tsubasa.. but yh no worries.
But he did the opposite, he helped him overcome the dark side of the Force, or some carp...

And that proves nothing about Ginga, either...
Ryuuga is not good or evil, he only do whatever he wants Tongue_out
From what I heard sounds like Daidouji won't make a reappearance. Made me sad inside ;_;, very sad.
Hm, the plot does "begin to move", I suppose.

Damian has pale hair but black eyebrows ? Ugh. He also really resembles Astro Boy.
Faust really is pavo blader
I guess correct again.
(Dec. 05, 2010  1:59 AM)Kai-V Wrote: Damian has pale hair but black eyebrows ?

actually he has pale hair and pale eyebrows BUT black eyelash.

[Image: damian_h.png]

i hope the dude with half a mask doesn't own the Horologium, i'm not too fond of the colours..
That's like other characters; colored eyebrows and black eyelashes. He looks like an alien to me..
I don't like the new bad guys...

Faust looks like a circus freak. An unthreathening one.

Dr. Ziggurat is as cliché an evil scientist as you can get. Doctor Insano is scarier.

Damian is just as short as in the manga. I'm hoping his personnality pays off, but I doubt it.

The only good thing about this episode is how Ryuuga completely humiliated Zeo and his absurd Byxis. By the way, Byxis' power is to form some sort of magic circle above the stadium to keep every spinning top in the stadium...Uuumm...Thanks?
It looks like I was wrong, that guy is not Faust. Instead, it appears that his name is Jack, the owner of Killer Beafowl, so I'm still going to assume that Faust possesses Horogium. Here's a few notes (will add more later):

*Ziggurat sent Jack to invite Ryuga to HD Academy (pretends attacks with nothing since his Bey, like Hell Cerbecus/Kerbex, remains incomplete) so that he can acquire Meteo L Drago's true power
*In order to collect data on Lightning L-Drago's power, Ziggurat sent Daidouji to use Ryuga in order to obtain/exhibit its power, but during that time he was still inexperienced. So basically he was used as "toy" by them from the start and that's the reason why he attacks them near the end.
*By using the power of Zeo's Special Spin Move, Ziggurat hopes to draw out L-Drago's full power (which makes me think whether Zeo is being used as a pawn by them) but it fails.