MFB Explosion: Episode 82 - Brazilian Trap (10/31/10)

82. Brazilian Trap
Burajirian torappu


"For Team Graces and Gan Gan Galaxy's match, a special rule is carried out where the loser of a one on one battle is switched out immediately so that the winner continually battles without breaks."

This episode is soooooo boring.

Seriously, there is virtually no tension either our protagonists win or lose. They'll just win.

The short boy/girl from the brazilian team is like a clown monkey.

The older girl uses Tetsuya's tricks (Because those were so scary...)

And the others are just...dull. Very dull.
Personally i thought this episode was funny Selen x Masamune xD haha
(Oct. 31, 2010  2:00 AM)Dude Wrote: And the others are just...dull. Very dull.

agreed. i hope this arc ends very soon its nothing interesting like the russian team arc.
I felt so good for what Ray Unicorno did to Ray Cancer. I kinda wanted vengeance for what it did to Libra one episode earlier. However, there was little tension as Dude mentioned.