MFB Explosion: Episode 80 - Gravity Perseus (10/17/10)

80. Gravity Perseus
Gurabitei Peruseusu

What an amazingly original name.

"Gan Gan Galaxy battle neck and neck against Excalibur. Ginga prepares to battle Caesar, whom he had lost previously to, but Ginga had discovered a key in overcoming Caesar after a life-and-death battle with Ryuga."

I hope Julius's past will be revealed, like in the manga. It is already bad that there does not seem to be any Nero ...

"Gan Gan Galaxy brings the battles against Excalibur to a neck and neck draw. And Ginga and Caesar confront each other once again. Although Ginga had lost once before, Ginga showed no signs of impatience now that he had battled Ryuga and Meteo L Drago. Ginga, who had successfully read that Caesar would battle in left spin mode, and Caesar, under the belief that Gravity Persues is the strongest, collide fiercely. The battle reveals comparable strengths among the two, but Caesar then unleashes a Hissatsu Tengi (special move) and holds back Pegasus by some invisible power. At that moment, Ginga...?!"

Haha he better not!
Absolutely no backstory about Julius, and Ginga wins with a new attack.
So they can do an episode about Chi-Yun Li 's past but not Julius Caesar's...
We may get a backstory on Julius later on.
I doubt it. This was the important battle : the protagonist defeats the 'antagonist'. That was the right moment to add his background story. It would have added a lot more to his loss. Explaining his backstory later would be irrelevant : the moment is gone, Gan Gan Galaxy moves on, even phyisically as they go to a whole other continent, America.
So if Julius caesar is not the main villain of MFB explosion who is?
(Oct. 17, 2010  4:35 PM)megablader2 Wrote: So if Julius caesar is not the main villain of MFB explosion who is?

well to your answer the villain is not reaveled yet the mfb explsosion saga has just started
(Oct. 17, 2010  4:35 PM)megablader2 Wrote: So if Julius caesar is not the main villain of MFB explosion who is?
As far as I know it is somebody from the United States, hah. Damian, the owner of Hell Kerbex, possibly.

Unless they keep Canada for the end.
Thanks for the answer. Also that battle was awesome.
Overall it was somehow a decent episode. So G Perseus "counter mode" in the show controls gravity, interesting...
Doesn't anyone else feels that the end of the battle had alot of resemblance with the end of the battle of the first season against ryuuga? I hope not all important battles end with a scene like that, otherwise it'll get predictable.
There may be a possibility that Ceasar comes back since at the end we don't see the typical cheesy team talking to console each other, as well as Ceasar questioning himself about the "beyspirit", and who knows, maybe like brooklyn he'll rage and come back for vengance? XD Also the preview for next episode was all rushed just to fit in lol.