MFB Episode 22: The Fearsome Libra - 08/30/09 JPN / 09/05/10 USA

22. The Horrible Libra
senritsu no ribura
Air date: 2009-8-30

Because Yuu’s finishing move is an explosion, a flash of light and a shock runs thought the assembly hall. As Kenta, Benkei and Hikaru are defeated by Yuu, only 4 bladers are left. In order to have a one-on-one battle with Ginga, Kyouya challenges Yuu, but his beyblade Leone has taken some serious damage.
Unhappy, that's a bit mean, isn't it? The Horrible Libra.
That sounds like a great episode! Of course, if it's everyone's favourite bey dog that uses it, it's gonna be silly...
No, it's not.
(Aug. 10, 2009  2:15 PM)Giga Wrote: No, it's not.

That's awesome! It's gonna be a great episode! =D
I think it's kind of funny with me being Libra, I always think I have a horrible side of myself...
as I recall in the manga, there is another blader with Libra besides Hokuto.

senritsu = "Horrible/shivering/frightening/hair-raising"

the title is pretty much telling us that the user with this bey is very powerful.
That is kinda strange. Hokuto and someone else both use Libra?
I do not really think Hokuto will use Libra ... He does not even have the Face on his bandana.

In my opinion, we will only see Tendou Yuu use Flame Libra T145ES.
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Yuu kicks carp! Cute AND powerful! I love this guy!

Kyouya, as much as I like him too, will most likely lose to the Cute One, too, like Benkei, Kenta and Hikaru, especially if his Beyblade is damaged.

Oh well, tonight's the show, Keyhole TV, here I come Joyful_3
Madoka actually was beyblading? interesting that she stopped Kyouya's special attack before it ripped apart his beyblade. I hope that in the Battle Bladers tournament, Kenta will be the one to battle Yuu.
Yuu is sooooooo cute! Chocked_2

I really liked that episode, if only because Ginga didn't win again and that we saw lots of cuteness from the adorable Yuu Joyful_3
Eee Yay! thanks for the link Kai-V Pinching_eyes_2
Im so watching this when I get to school in a few hours. Speechless unless I get on the computer that doesn't let me play it Tired lmao.
Second episode in a row I really liked. Things are really looking up, I'm looking forward to next week's episode.
OMG i can't believe ginga lost to that guy!I was sure he was gonna win
megablader2 = Spolier Tired Lmao
Apocalyptic battle XD

However Juu Tendo is very ambiguous!!!
Dark Nebula or Ginga's group? I don't understand! Chocked_2

Thanks a lot for RAWS Kai-V and DranzerX13
(Aug. 30, 2009  6:16 PM)DGoon Wrote: However Juu Tendo is very ambiguous!!!
Dark Nebula or Ginga's group? I don't understand! Chocked_2

Thanks a lot for RAWS Kai-V and DranzerX13
Yuu Tendou is part of Dark Nebula, but he seems to have an overenthusiastic personality anyway.

Thank you.
Really liked this episode, the best one in ages. The upcoming arc looks very interesting.
My Brother said Yuu reminds him of Brooklyn - He means the outfit he wears.. he said "that kid looks like a smaller version of that BEGA guy you like so much [Brooklyn]" I laughed so much i fell off my chair [seriously. i did]. Yuu is so cute and Libra is so cool. XD altogther. this episode was awesome. Tongue_out

Cant wait for Episode 23. Pinching_eyes_2
Yuu looks exactly like Brooklyn.