MFB CSV Data Files (with download)

I've massed every MFB part I own and recorded the data in CSV files. Thought I should make them available in case anyone is interested in the data. This thread will be updated as I obtain new parts.

  • Records are unsorted
  • Some extreme outliers have been excluded, such as plastic parts from Hasbro's Legend series (HWS versions of Pre-HWS) that use considerably lighter plastic
  • Parts that I do not own are included, but the Mass and N fields are left as null
mfb_4d_bottoms.csv (attributes: Name, Mass, N)
mfb_chrome_wheels.csv (attributes: Name, Alt_name, Mass, N)
mfb_clear_wheels.csv (attributes: Name, Alt_name, Mass, N)
mfb_crystal_wheels.csv (attributes: Name, Alt_name, Mass, N)
mfb_metal_wheels.csv (attributes: Name, Alt_name, Mass, N)
mfb_tracks.csv (attributes: Name, Height, Mass, N)

Name - name of the part
Alt_name - alternate name of the part (usually the Hasbro localized name)
Mass - mass of the part in grams (to 1 decimal place for Chrome Wheels & Metal Wheels, to 2 decimal places for others)
N - sample size
Height - height of the part in mm/10

(Last updated: 2019/10/17)
  • Populated mass attribute for the following:
    • Fusion
    • Diablo
    • Pegasis (Chrome Wheel)
    • Bahamdia
    • Hades
    • Nemesis
    • Gladiator
    • X : D
    • SP230
  • Updated various mass averages & corresponding sample sizes
  • Populated mass attribute for the following:
    • Wing
    • L-Drago Guardian
    • Duo
    • Uranus
    • DF105
  • Updated mass averages & corresponding sample sizes for several parts

Bandid and F230 will also have mass values added tomorrow.