MFB 4D: Episode 122 - Dunamis, Guardian of the Shrine (08/14/11)

122. Dunamis, Guardian of the Shrine
Shinden no shugosha Dyunamisu

Cool. Dynamis! Possibly a Legend Blader! Excitement! Is there an English translation?
Are you certain it is not "Dyunamis" ? It is odd that there is a clear "yu".

Anyway, I already posted a picture of Dyunamis/Dunamis/Dynamis from the manga :

Shadow Scythe, obviously, if there was an English translation, it would be posted.
In the preview, this guy looked a lot like Ray from the original series...
It's either Dynamis or Dunamis (romanization should be Dyunamisu, not Deyunamisu)

"Having broken through the labyrinth at last, Ginga and his friends are given a hint by a mysterious voice and aim towards a shrine, which become their goal. The fog finally cleared up, and what Ginga and co. saw there were ruins that looked very much like Stonehenge. Kyoya and the others also join them, racking their brains over in order to solve the mystery together, but the solution doesn't float about so easily. Meanwhile, Yuki, who suddenly looked up at the night sky, realizes that the constellation Cygnus, which is up in the sky, is the key to solving the hint, and succeeds in opening the way to the magnificent shrine!"
The shadow of the person shown it the preview looks like an older version ray from the original beyblade series
... Are you two posting that because Dunamis does not really resemble what I posted, or are you just purposely ignoring that I posted a clear picture of him from the manga ... ? This just seems redundant.

EDIT : Yes, that "shadow", unclear person looks exactly like the character in the very clear manga image I have posted ...
If Yuki find the constellation Cygnus, a swan Bey will possibly in the anime
Hm, I am quite sure Dunamis should be supposed to own Jade Jupiter at this point.
As I had predicted, Dunamis owns Jade Jupiter.

Dunamis has one of the most 'original' and intricate designs in the show, a lot of the characters in the past seasons have been ordinary ...
Because "Shrine" was explicitly used in the episode, the title should probably be "Dunamis, Guardian of the Shrine"