MFB 4D: Episode 115 - Showdown! The Tower of Babel (06/26/11)

115. Showdown! The Tower of Babel
対決! バベルの塔
Taiketsu! Baberu no tou


Tower of Babil Chocked; What the...

Final Fantasy IV anyone?!
The Tower of Babel, like the one in the Bible.

"Lacking the time to finish the final, the Bladers from the Bey Forest Fist disappeared. Ginga and his friends, who are perplexed, receive contact from Caesar. Meanwhile, Johannes trys to get in touch with Aguma in order to make the Legend Blader his ally. Then, at the Tower of Babel, what appears to be a Bey tounament with a Legend Blader participating in it, was about to begin."
Longer summary:

"When the tournament came to a close, the Bladers of the Bey Forest Fist disappeared without even appearing in the awards ceremony. With the help of Da Xiang and co., they follow their tracks, but they completely lost sight of them and the message from Caesar directed towards Ginga and his friends was... Meanwhile, Johannes tried to get in contact with Aguma so that he can draw over a Legend Blader onto his side. The venue changed; the Tower of Babel. Here, a bey tournament that alludes to the existence of a Legend Blader was about to open. Who would show up there than Ryuga!!"
From the preview it is shown that Kenya and the guy who owns earth Aquila too(can't remember name).
He (the owner of Aqulia) is called tsubasa.
Tsubasa And kenta will battle against each other?
I think the next legend blader is king.
That's already common knowledge to anybody who has kept up with the Vari Ares topic... And it clearly shows them battling, so I would assume so.
Ryuuga being cool again. Why was Tsubasa even competing ?
I think was WBA orden...

But Ryuuga´s new attack is awsome!! Aquila was PWED for third time!! And Ryuuga crushed the babilonia tower because "their wasted his time"... XD
This episode was really great! Ryuga is being "sort of" nice. Tsubasa got owned, but I didn't think it was necessary to put him in this episode, it would have been better if he would have been in an other episode were he could help with the story. It was also not necessary to put a wimp for the champion, they could have at least made it so that when Ryuga walks in he finds a note that tells him were the Legend Blader is, or something like that... Loved Ryuga's special move!
How was that a good episode? It was massively predictable. Kenta was obviously going to lose and so was tsubasa too. Really boring filler episode imo.
"Thank you Guys! But your legend blader is in another castle!"

Does anyone know what's the name of the new type of special move Ryuuga used?
I hated that part so much, I was gonna hit my laptop. Man, I knew this was some trick.

I don't know the new move, but didn't Tsubasa use a new one too? It looked new. Nice episode, anyways.
It seems that Aquila's was Shining Tornado Buster.

Ryuuga's was something close to : Ultimate Spin-Stealing Dragon Emperor Life Demolition ?
That is one long Special Move, but yet of course, so neatly presented and executed.

I wonder how Aguma and Johannes are...
Good episode,Ryuga was strong in this episode.
Tsubasa also searching for the legend bladers?
Ryuga's Ultimate Spin Move sounds identical to "Dragon Emperor Hades Breaker" (竜皇冥界破) , which was his Ultimate Dark Spin Move in the manga, but it turns out to be "Dragon Emperor Life-destroying Breaker" (竜皇命壊破).