MFB 4D: Episode 112 - A New Roar! (06/05/11)

Good episode, bad part is that half of the battle they put Rock Leone instead on Fang... Also what I disliked in that we still don't know who the partner of Aguma is or what bey he has. Apparently there was two rival Dojo's, one day a war began and the Da Xiang's Dojo won, but the strongest fled from the losing dojo and made a sort of group (The dudes in hoods in the other episode). There's two of them there, I'm guessing that the guy with the red light Beyblade is the leader. Might not be the owner of Vari Ares, because Ares is normally black but I may be wrong because he is the only other 4D bey going to come out that we know of other than Kronos. Also liked the part when Motti does the kitty eyes and Benkei destroys her, then the romantic moment and BAM Johannes breaks the moment ;D.
There is Aguma, who owns Scythe Kronos, and Bao, who seems to own just a Hell Beyblade.