Hey guys I was wondering I really like the new MFB series and I want to buy it but I can't use MOJ or anything like that. I was wondering if there was anyone out there with new MFB that are New and cheap. Thanks. (I am really trying to get storm pegasis)
ebay. No one would sell you MFB any cheaper than what you'd get on ebay.
Well not cheaper but is there anyone who has it in stock that can sell to me ebay has the ones I already have I meant like the new ones. But thanks anyways Aqua
I'm selling a Dark Wolf on Ebay if you want to bid on it.
theINtoy get the newest releases, but at a premium.
I would say TheINToy as well since they even have lightning L-Dragos which I would die for.

Should this have been ask in the 'ask a question, get an answer thread'?