MF-H Gravity Perseus BD145 RDF (IT'S BACK IN ZERO-G)

(Nov. 07, 2012  1:34 AM)UltimateFantasy Wrote: As I JUST said, it naturally WILL scrape even if you launch it straight since RDF will naturally start circling and then (if it didn't have BD145) it will go crazy and self KO in the Zero G stadium, but since it has BD145, instead of going crazy, it will scrape until it has little to no spin left. Also, Gravity doesn't spin steal very effectivley, but even if it did, it wouldn't be able to OS the opposing beyblady most of the time since RDF is mad of Rubber which increases friction and reduces stamina.

That actually does not happen to me at all. The way I launch, it does not scrape as often as you say. From my tests, it is spin stealing very well, even after Bd145 scrape.

(Nov. 07, 2012  3:21 AM)BH145WD Wrote:
(Nov. 06, 2012  12:55 PM)*Ginga* Wrote: That is probably correct, it could not make a huge difference. But, i had some battles (in attack and stamina situation) where BD145 would scrape, but it would get back up, go to the center, and it could manage to spin steal for a). a tie or b). a win.

I can make a video, but I can explain as well. Basically, what I do is hold the launcher over the center of the stadium, and instead of pulling out, I pull directly up. you see, if you pull out, you get the hand that your launcher is in to move, causing scrape. If you pull directly up, your hand barely moves, and the launch is straight.

Did you see my Flash tests?

In my test, Gravity never won a single round when it scraped and it only scraped because it suffered hard hits from Dragooon Begirados

Can you post the combo you used? That is intersteing, contrary to my test.

(Nov. 07, 2012  3:36 AM)*Ginga* Wrote: lalalalala huge quote

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