MF-H Flash Aquario S130R2F test!

Byerg Retired
I guess that you don't understand the point of creating threads for combinations.
When it's a combo that's completely known and is used often, don't make a thread for it.
Please, one of the mods, close this.
waw this took me sooooooooooooooo long to make and your just telling them to delete it that was a wast of my 2 hours >=(
Byerg Retired
You have got to be kidding me. 2 Hours is nothing at all.
And anyways, if you had looked in the "Flash Discussion" thread, you would have seen us "discussing" Flash___ S130__. So really, it's your own fault.
It wasn't. Please, post these results in the existing Flash thread, and they will be greatly appreciated there. Smile
Toto Sakigami
MB? Why not CS? MB is extremely outclassed by CS. I would only use MB for weight purposes. And also can you just redo all the draws? It makes the test's a little less accurate. Nonetheless, this combo is extremely good. Wink