(MF) Forbidden Bull 90 Mf attack/balance combo

Hi guys, so i've seen a bunch of videos about battles involving the forbidden wheel and it seems pretty good. That said, what do you think about my combo (it's in the title)? Bull is very heavy, forbidden can give good hits, 90 helps the combo to stay low and mf is a multi-purpose tip who gives nice speed and stamina, finally the metal face bolt improves the stability of a combo who involves metal flat. That's very useful. What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading, have a nice day!
Hm. Idea does seem like an interesting one, honestly!

I don't have Metal Flat tip myself, so I cannot run test to see how it would handle, but it is definitely worth a try.

Only real downside that does come to mind is how light Forbidden is. Certainly, it is not as light as Torch/Cloud or Midnight/Crash.