[Los Angeles, CA] Another Tourney in LA?

Poll: What Prize would you want for first?

BB-10 Attack with 3 Segment Grip and a Bey?
BB-76 Galaxy Pegasis DX Set
BB-105 BBP + Grip and Mars Red LR Beylauncher
Total: 100% 108 vote(s)
Oh guys, 50% chance I could go to Los Feliz. Also, here's MY cell phone number, text me but call if have VZW, 310-650-0904
(Oct. 04, 2011  12:49 AM)Andrew.N Wrote: 200th post and my parent are considering taking me to los feliez cause we go their almost every sat. or sun. but i live all the in burbank

If you live in Burbank, getting to the Loz Feliz TRU is easy. All you need is to take the 94 bus heading towards Los Angeles and getting of when the bus gets to the Loz Feliz st stop and then it's a short walk.
my dad said that if he`s off he will take me
Torrance will be dope.
I hope the 29th happens, I understand paypal can be difficult.
I told Kai-V about the paypal issue, I will see what happens. If anything, the date will be pushed back a week or so.
I hope so, I will do my best for Torrance. For now' let's hope Oct 29th is approved
Is the tournoment in torrence or in pershing square
The Oct 29th will be at Pershing Square, Torrance will be for future events.
Ok thanks
Awesome! I probably will be able to make it to the November tourney now but we'll see.
Who will make it to the Los Feliz Toys r us?
(Oct. 11, 2011  8:27 AM)paulie Wrote: Who will make it to the Los Feliz Toys r us?

Me 50% chance I can make it
Any word if the october WBO going to happen?
check on the La beystorm 2 thread
I guess I will be seeing HKZ and some others at TRU. I hope more can make it. As it stands, the 29th isn't approved yet because of paypal issues, Im sure kyubibey will resolve them in a day or two. I think we will be good. If not, I will just push it back a little. We are on our way to approval.
will anyone consider a tournoment in grifith park
Hell yes!!! That place is perfect and virtually no hobos!
guys know where it is
Thats even furhter away than pershing square for me :\
At the next tournament we will discuss future locations. Griffith Park sounds like a nice addition to the list of places.
HKZ, Kyubibey, and I will take care of figuring out the best locations, we just need everyone's input at the next Beystorm and anyone who shows up at Toys R Us on the 22nd.
Since I cant make it to beystorm 2, when you guys guys are considering locations, please remember me! I understand you cant fix it so it only benefits a few, but I really would like to start going on a monthly bases. If you cant move it closer, at the very least keep it the same. Besides, I have gotten waaaayy stronger now.
Roger that. Hopefully by the TRU event we will have the location and the approval of the next tourney. What is taking so long anyway? Pinching_eyes_2 Did we get the matches and the entry fee sent?
im down to go to Griffith Park but what Toys R Us is everyone gonna meet at because The closest one to me is in Porter Ranch which is like 10 min away
Ahkin, It's on Los Feliz...