Limited Tournament Report Thread

I think it sounds pretty cool, although I've never been to a tournament. (which is too bad) I mean a lot of parts that overshadowed older parts won't be used so those people who aren't able to get the newest beys can still win! This allows for more even grounds for people to play in. If I ever do join a tournament I'd want to play in a 'Limited Format' one.
Here is my experience with Limited Format from attending A Year: The Month Of Frozen Heads
Got to earn those scavenger hunt points. The MD tournament was run in double elimination due to time constraints. I took first place and nearly went undefeated using gravity f230 gcf, someone more skilled with f230 would have gone undefeated. The only thing I lost to was Arupaeo's Dark Knight Balro F230 GCF which I then proceeded to beat in the follow up match since I had not yet lost with Meteo BGrin. Overall, the tournament went well and I am somewhat disappointed that it will now be processed for beypoints given that it prevents people from using more creative combos. After purchasing a metal fury duo from likeaboss921 I tested it and found that it could be KOed by literally anything. The other three combos I had in my back pocket that I never used were libra 85 CS, Pegasis CH120 RF, and Burn 85 WD (basically the beys from that set that I forget the name of). It was a lot of fun and I look forward to more tourneys of this nature in the future. I am strongly in favor of banning gravity f230, there are very few things that will be able to consistently beat it, if any at all.
Wow, i came to the limited format tournament thinking it would suck, but then i was amazed on how great it was! The main bey i used was pegasus r145 rf and thought i was the only one using it but so many others used it to.
I also battled lots of 230's which kinda sucked but i was surprised on all the different combos people used.
so far this format is awesome, changing the outcome of battles, different combos, and alot of surprises!
I really think this format should continue, it brings alot more thinking at tournaments!
I participated in the very first limited format event on December 7th 2013. I wasn't really sure what ot expect when going into this event. I used Wyvang Darknight TR145 EWD/R2F. Not the best choice. BUt it was fun. Gravity PErseus TR145 R2F was the star of this event. I went 0-3 at this event. That day put the limited format in perspective for me. It was so much fun and refreshing. And I learned how bad Crystal wheel syncrome did on 230/F230. Definitely learned more for hte next event.
Like my brother said I came into this tournament thinking I wouldn't do too well, but once I got there things were different haha. It was nice to see Daegor42 there, which brung in a lot of competition at first. Gravity Perseus was a very popular Metal/Clear wheel set up, which was very versatile, I used it most of the time. Overall, limited format is amazing and we should have tournaments using limited format all the time!
(Dec. 22, 2013  6:00 PM)Kei Wrote:
(Dec. 22, 2013  2:06 AM)MidnightLWBO Wrote:
(Dec. 17, 2013  3:50 AM)Kei Wrote: 6. Kei vs. MidnightLWBO: MSF-H Samurai Wyvang (Crystal Up Mode) H145RSF vs. Dragooon F230CF (3-1)
You know you only one that match because I was having F230 problems Tongue_out

Yeah, but I won via KOs so it never got to the point where that would matter! Tongue_out
Sorry to bump this thread but, That was a Wyvang? Nevermind. :\
Thought I'd just write my report on JesseObre's End of the Era that happened just yesterday, in the same layout as Kei's for A YEAR: The Month of Frozen Heads:

Midnight Wrote:End of the Era! - 8/24/14:

My Match-Ups/Results:

1. Midnight vs Ultimate Blaze: MSF-M Dark Knight Balro (Crystal Up) WA130RF vs MF-H Omega Pegasis III 85R2F (1-3)

Ah, I didn't really expect him to go attack, as he used a MF-H Libra 230MB setup earlier on. The only win I received that match was by a mishoot of his. Don't really know why I chose WA130 on RF for any of my matches, either, haha.

2. Midnight vs Pyrus10000: MF-H Lightning L-Drago WA130RF vs Scythe (AA3) Cancer F230CF (3-2)

My matches were won via ko's. Luckily, I was able to get late ones off of Scythe. Pyrus10000 was using an AA3 mold of Scythe, as well, although I'm not too sure whether or whether not a better would make a big impact on the results in this specific scenario.

3. Midnight vs Duo Anubis: MF-F Scythe (AA2) Cancer B:D vs MF Cyber Leone B:D (3-0)

My matches were won by both a slight knockout and two outspin, as unlike his B:D, mines was just about mint, while his was slightly aggro. Scythe being AA2 should have an almost guarantee of beating a setup like that, as well, hah.

4. Midnight vs Blader007 (Ultimate Blaze's father): Libra 230TB vs Meteo L-Drago CH145EWD (0-3)

Don't even ask, although seriously, I saw a similar battle between him and his son, Ultimate Blaze, and how he seemed to win using his MF-H Libra 230MB against his father's Meteo L-Drago CH120EWD. However, it was my battle where he decided to change the height, which lead to Meteo making contact with Libra.

5. Midnight vs Kei: MF-H Omega Pegasis III 85R2F vs MF-L Scythe Pegasis II CH120RF (2-3)

Argh, it pisses me off just thinking about this battle, knowing that I've could've won by a knockout if I just launched the slightest bit harder, lol. It still feels good that I came close to advancing with 3-2, though.

Overall Score: 2-3.

I noticed the double post, as well, sorry about that!
Hey Guys this is a big necro, but I feel this thread is so valuable so I don't want to let it die. Here is my (horrible lol) Tournament Report from the NC Qualifier
Round 1
Thunder Dome vs Titan Tite- Flame Cancer 230 MB vs MF Duo Cancer 230 MB (0-3)
First off MF-F Flame Cancer 230 MB was something I wanted to try out after getting some decent testing results and after a friend had similar results as well. I wasn't expecting this match up Round 1. The matches were all pretty close although the Metal Face plus pretty agro MB (It was really worn) killed me every time considering it kept force smashing into mine and I lost a lot of spin. My launch was a bit rusty to, but it other than all this is was a pretty interesting game.

Round 2
Thunder Dome vs Ritsuka- Libra B;D vs Duo Cancer 230 CS (1-3)
These Duo's came out of no where, I hadn't ever played against it in Limited till this day. Dark_Mousy lent Ritsuka this since logically it was good choice based on my past limited experiences. This match up was pretty bad for me plus the bad launch equaled a loss. At this point we were only taking top 1 from blocks so I was fairly certain I was out.

Round 3
Thunder Dome vs Solcreus- Scythe Pegasus II B;D vs Scythe Bull B;D (2-3)
After seeing what he had attached I was pretty sure this was going to be a fairly long and boring stamina game. Although this changed after seeing how incredibly agro Solcreus's B;D was. I was questioning the judge for allowing this as I was fairly certain it was illegal (and I would've have dubbed it illegal if I was judging). I outspun twice and got KOed twice and outspun once as he hit me against the walls a few times. I wish the B;D would have been called as illegal, but oh well. At this point top 2 was coming out of both blocks as enough people complained.

Round 4
Thunder Dome vs Stormscorpio1- MF-F L Drago Destroy A230 Q vs Libra B;D (0-3)
This was a bit dirty to not play the match out, but as I was unable to be in the finals, and Stormscorpio1 had a chance I decided to give the match to him. I launched out twice on purpose and then launched in for the last game because why not and I almost got a KO which was pretty funny.

Round 5
Thunder Dome vs BladerLight- MF-H Libra 85 RB vs (Face Unknown) Lighting L Drago (Track Unknown) R2F (3-2)
So to get Stormscorpio1 into the finals I had to win this match. I decided to use Libra Defense after seeing that he used a lot of Attack and Burn 85 WD, which I felt like I could potentially KO. We had the stadium taped so I couldn't ask the judge to spin the stadium which almost caused me the match because the stadium wasn't positioned fair. It was positioned to where he had a direct KO path which kinda sucked. I got 2 Out Spins and 1 KO while he got 2 KO's. It was a pretty crazy match.

The event was pretty fun despite my horrible record. It was pretty fun once I got to finals since Dark was playing I kinda took over hosting. Solcreus and myself got all the finals matches done really fast. Overall if I would have liked to change something I regret not getting a new B;D before the event (mine isn't agro, but it doesn't spin as long as it use to) and also I kinda want to try out Duo 230 now after this. Congrats to the placers ad hopefully this thread will get active again as this information is very beneficial to the community.
in beyblade 2015 revolution i used mf dou (hasbro) cancer 230 mb most of my battles won against mf-f flame cancer 230 mb-mf omega horuseus 90 rf -burn aquario 85 mf and more- mf-h omega unicorno 90 r2f not to good but it is ok mf-h libra sr200 cs won against sycthe pegasis b:d it did ok in the tournament not to happy with mf-h omega unicorno 90 r2f :\
Report from the same tournament, NC BeyBattle Revolution: TBR Qualifier, however, I was in a different block than Thunder Dome or Titan Tite:

Round 1
  • Used Libra (Mold 1) B:D against SamTheGeek's Earth (most likely Mold 2) Wolf B:D - Won 3-2

Round 2 or 3
  • Used MF-H Screw Pisces H145 R2F against TheBlackDragon's Scythe Cancer(?) B:D - Won 3-?

Round 2 or 3
  • Used MF Omega Kerbecs CH120 R2F against Orange Blader's Screw Fox 85 XF - Won 3-?

Round 4
  • Used MF-H Screw Pisces H145 R2F against Jedi Blader's Lightning L-Drago CH120 RF(?) - Lost 2-3

Round 5
  • Used MF-L Scythe Escolpio 85 RF against Wombat's MF-H Bakushin Leone 90 RSF - Lost 2-3

Another great tournament, though, I failed to pay very close attention to who my opponents were and what they used, so I forgot several details. Hopefully the others will be able to complete the gaps in my report.

zomg geetster cleaned house

EDIT: Updated report with information from Wombat's post.
Well on the request of Thunder Dome (although I'm not a tournament organizer yet), it's time to break out my...

Qualifier (Click to View)

Did I do this right?
Well, I haven't even touched this yet. I don't even remember anything from the limited tournaments I competed in (aside from me losing horribly) except for the most recent one April 18th, and i don't even remember what combos I used in which matches, or what I faced.

All I know is that I went 1-3, Omega Dragonis CH120 RF and Burn Cancer B : D were my combos, and I haven't had anywhere close to a winning record in limited play yet.

I mean, I honestly hate limited with a burning passion, ever since it was introduced, because I don't even have a lot of parts that are top tier for limited (Scythe and Omega are really the only notables, and any others, like TH170, I have no access to). At this point, limited is making me feel discouraged and has made me contemplate retirement, cause I just feel that it's unfair for those who don't have those parts, whereas Zero-G beys are the more accessible thing now, it's more fair.

Sorry for my mini rant in what's supposed to be a "report your score" thread. I just had to throw it out there.