Let us talk about Go!Animate (Now known as Vyond)

Go!Animate a.k.a. Vyond is a website for making animated videos. It was meant for businesses but soon, people use Vyond for making these videos called Grounded Videos. Grounded videos are when someone for a Kids show (the most common example is Cailliou) does something outragously bad and their parents, girlfriend, or friend grounds them for an unrealistic amount of years. Here is the format of a typical grounded video:

1. Troublemaker says that they are gonna do something bad.
2. Troublemaker does the said bad thing.
3. The punisher shows up and tells them to stop.
4. The punisher grounds the troublemaker for an unrealistic ammount of time (like 19338902938282 years).
5. The troublemaker goes to their room, crying.

The title of these kinds of videos are formatted like this: (name of troublemaker) (something bad)/(punishment)

People also use Vyond to rant about stuff, see their ships come to life, make EAS mocks, and more!

The creator of Vyond, Alvin Hung, somewhere in 2017 or 2018, added HTML5 which got rid of many templates and only left 6 of them remaining just to save money since he was running low on it. People consitered this time to be the end of Vyond since their most cherished template, Comedy World, got removed. There was a hack that replaces Business Friendly with Comedy World though. If you don't know, Comedy World was the template most people used that looked alot like the adult show Family Guy. I bet Alvin Hung felt better after removing it since Seth McFarline could Have sued for copyright infringement.

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