Legendary beys

Legendary beys are the new thing but the only ones in stores in america are midnight bull torch aries Ect but these beys mean bad news stronger bladders are coming so we have to band together and take em out I don't mean not to get u a legendary bey but we all have to take these rookies who become stronger down
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Yeah...Hi....I guess...

Or you could get some Takara's, n00bs don't really import from online.
So join cyberpegasus30 team the hyper strikers we have many sectors I'm the leader of the cape coral sector in Florida my name is tyson lane and I mean business
but u know beys like night midnight hyper cyber and fury are really bad i would rather have storm capricorn
Yeah but I mean the legendarys
The legend series beys I mean
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Mostly because they are Hasbro's but I don't think you mean that Storm Capri point though...
everyone knows that the legendary beys are suckish(except for some peices)

and are introducig your self or what?
Exactly those pieces are provinding those new rookies with better beys
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Ye, I am pretty confused aswell....though he had been a member since early December...Confused
ok im the strongest blader in northshore
How long will that last huh with all these rookies coming around buying the best beys with the best parts it's not to long until a 4 year old beats u
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I am theself proclaimedBest blader in the UK*nods*

Yeah, but a 4 year old wont have TT's and hasn't got enough launch power.

Before anybody says....BeyJun is 3, not 4 xD
yea right i can beat college students im the best mechanic in northshore and in fact i vs a 6 yr old and he never WON.
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How old are you, beaten a 6 yr old isn't that much of a life acchievment...
he challenged me like can i vs u can i vs u and also im 11
U MAY BE UNDEFETED NOW BUT WWWHO KNOWS HOW LONG IT WILL BE UNTIL U GET BEAT AND TRUST ME A 4 year old has enough launch power I taught my little cousin to beyblade and his launch was great
trust me no one beat me.and i have one metal fight come on dude how many metal fight do you have and what.
I have 4 I had more but the parts break I have rock aquario lightning l drago storm wolf and some extra parts but it's not about beys I want u guys to join the hyper strikers my boss cyberpeguses30 can get u rare beys and pointers kerbecs u can be the leader of the north shore district we don't have one there yet so ill have to start one and raw u can take the uk so wat do u guys say
geesh,they only have POTENTIALS!!!!!plus,rookies and newbies pretty much depends on their skill,not on there beys
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I don't think I can get beaten by just Hasbros, I only own 2 and in total I am only going to buy 5 for beyblade battles online but everything else is Takara all the way!
ya,sure just saying i got sol blaze ray unicorno burn pheniox galaxt vulcan and lighting and7 combos and im getting kerbecs byxis beaflow and more.
Well I live in the USA all I can get is hasbro but if u join the hyper strikers we can get u the best Tamara beys
have you heard of ebay and metal masters.
and ok ill join
and how to get me takara beys/
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Yeah, I'm in UK but in fall and early 2012 Hasbro will be releasing some series two beys...

tht is also true, I get my takaras off ebay and other places online.
which has no clear face and printed at all just stickers and painted beys