Kingswood, Australia

Someone want to come over and we could have a battle. Only if you have got beys and live around Penrith or Kingswood. Thanks
i live in the blue mountains?
I'm not allowed to go anywhere out of Kingswood. Any chance you could come down?
wheres kings wood
umm mabye i aev 3 beys
Kingswood is in Australia near Penrith
what beys do you have?
evil gemios, earth eage, lightning l drago, storm aquario, and rock aries
maybee i DK cause i got metal explosion
This is odd as I'm holding a beyblade tournament for my site this sunday(march the 6th) in kingswood at steamroller park. It's near the train station.
nile what matal explosion do you got
i have 14 beyblade explosion 1 SK and 13 TT
5 TT BB-100 including The great Killer Beafowl
1 SK BB-104
1 TT BB-99
1 TT BB-102
1 TT BB-95
1 TT BB-80
1 TT BB-71
1 TT BB-72
1 TT BB-78
1 TT BB-91
see i have alot
uhh well i have
Flame Byxis 230WD
Hell Kerbecs BD145DS
Meteo LDrago LW105LF
Gravity Perseus AD145WD
it traded Gaxay Pegasus cos i hated it
im gona get Basalt Horogium or whaterver you call it but i could also get rock girrafe or killer beafoul
i have more beys those are just my mfexplosion
same ihave 4 more beys gtiing 12 more
Where do you get your metal explosion beys?
Shop near wher I live the next one im getting is either basalt horoguium grand ketos rock girrafe or killer beafoul i just dont know what to pick
nup i get them form akirasDaddy but Baslat near your place Bakers dozen
Yea it is=) im so happy