Kerbeous Heavy Survive

So since this combo did decent during the Burst Onto The Scene: Toronto Tournament i decided to make a thread to test how good this combo actually is.


Kerbeous Heavy Survive vs Kerbeous Heavy Defense
*Launch alternation every ten rounds*
Survive: Wins 8/20 (All SF's)
Defense: Wins 12/20 (9 SF's, 3 BF's)
Kerbeous Heavy Survive 40% Win Rate

Kerbeous Heavy Survive vs Spriggan Heavy Accel
*Kerbeous launched first in all rounds, Spriggan mold 2*
Kerbeous: Wins 14/20 (7 SF's, 2 OF's, 5 BF's)
Spriggan: Wins 6/20 (4 OF's, 2 BF's)
Kerbeous Heavy Survive 70% Win Rate

Kerbeous Heavy Survive vs Valkyrie Heavy Accel
*Kerbeous launched first in all rounds*
Kerbeous: Wins 8/20 (4 SF's, 1 OF, 3 BF's)
Valkyrie: Wins 12/20 (2 OF's, 10 BF's)
Kerbeous Heavy Survive 40% Win Rate
Two draws (DSF, DOV)

Battle Statistics

Overall Win Percentage
Draws not included.
  • Kerbeus Heavy Survive: 50% (30/60 Rounds)
  • Spriggan Heavy Accel: 30% (6/20 Rounds)
  • Valkyrie Heavy Accel: 60% (12/20 Rounds)
  • Kerbeous Heavy Defense: 60% (12/20 Rounds)

Finish Type Frequencies
100 Total Rounds (including draws)
  • Burst Finish: 23 Rounds, 37.1%
  • Over Finish: 9 Rounds, 14.5%
  • Spin Finish: 28 Rounds, 45.2%
  • Double Burst Finish: 0 Rounds, 0%
  • Simultaneous Burst/Over Finish: 0 Rounds 0%
  • Double Spin Finish: 1 Round, 1.6%
  • Double Over Finish: 1 Round, 1.6%
  • Simultaneous Burst/Spin Finish: 0 Rounds 0%
  • Simultaneous Over/Spin Finish: 0 Rounds 0%

Average Clicks Lost Per Round
Draws included.
  • Spriggan Heavy Accel: 1.95 (39C Total / 20 Rounds)
  • Kerbeus Heavy Defense: 1.4 (28C Total / 20 Rounds)
  • Valkyrie Heavy Accel: 1.95 (43C Total /22 Rounds)
  • Kerbeous Heavy Survive: 2.1 (124C Total / 60 Rounds)

Click here for round by round results.
Nice, very in depth! These first few months will be a bit difficult, I think, seeing as we'll need tournaments and tests to find out what is top tier. Anyway, thanks for the tests!
Wow. The results against Spriggan are surprising. Good find. I will have to do some tests with survive as well

Edit: I got very similar results with Spriggan. I will post them on my thread next time I am at work. He just has a really rough time against survive. It's strange. Unless he gets a burst really early on, he can't burst it for the life of him
Nice tests! Kerbeus Heavy Survive is a nice combo.
Would you mind testing Cerberus central accele. I don't have brought burst to make it really count. But against the one other I do have it is pretty decent. It either wind or ties most of the time. But I'd like to know how it goes up to something other than ragnaruk central defense. Aha
Um 50% doesn't seem that impressive.
(Aug. 17, 2015  6:05 PM)Ultra Wrote: Um 50% doesn't seem that impressive.

That's because this is burst not MFB, there is no go to combo because most of them have 50 to 60% Win rates.