Kai you can close this thread I have them. ^_^

I need two dragon winders from 2002 Rc series not the rc nor launcher the winder 2 brand new winders for Wyborg and Trypio I really don't need them. If u want them 2 just pm me. There both brand new so can the winders be brand new they can be the black winders that come with metal fight beyblade or the old red dragon long winders sorry for not expanding I was acting lazy lol.
...... What? Expand on what you were trying to say.
(May. 22, 2010  4:03 AM)∂an Wrote: ...... What? Expand on what you were trying to say.
He must have meant that the winders have to be new, because the Trypio and Wyborg he is suggesting to trade for them are also new.
Oh, well at the start of the re-ignition of my bey-heart I looked for RC plastics, but its totally disappeared. So, unless he finds someone who has kept old RCs in top condition, he might be out of luck on www.
No but they can be the long Metal fighter beyblade winders 2 of them or 2 old dragon winders brand new. Thanks
Kai you can close this now I have them.