June 2011 Giveaway: BB-113 Scythe Kronos T125EDS - Passport Holders Only

i like beyblades Smile
im in
I'm in! And thanks for the chance!
That's what she said!
Alright, everything has been sorted out so I'm in.

Huge thanks to Kai-V for looking into it and sorting it out. Smile
Just noticed the thread
Add me in !Pinching_eyes_2!
Sign me up. Man I can't wait it's a cool blade!!!
Awesome! This would be a great Summer starter! Thanks to the committee for making all this possible!

May the most random post win X3
count me in. I purchased a passport at Brooklyn Battalion.
I do(nt) have a passport Tongue_out
I'm definitely in!!
Ready to add another bey to my collection!
Only post here once you see that the Passport Face is in your profiel. If it has yet to be given to you and that you are supposed to get it, then either be patient some more if you know the tournament organiser has not sent the money and/or the names of those who purchased Blader Passports to Kei and I, or contact us otherwise.

Any post done by a member whom we see is clearly lacking a Blader Passport will be deleted.
enter me ps i have purchesed a passport but i dont know if its went through yet
i am in!
this is so cool!Stupid
I hope I win because I don't have any of the newer beyblades
Enter me plox, i r noob, need beybladezz!!!
Just over a day left until entry for this contest closes! If you have a Blader Passport and haven't entered yet, post now!
my friends clueless, he mixes different facebolts with different energy rings e.g. libra & bull bull & pegusus pegusus & libra. by the way im in!!!
plus do we have to send you our address for us to get the bey or something?????