Jumping back into Beyblade after a 11 year hiatus

I stopped playing Beyblade back in 2011 right before 4D came out, as they were getting more expensive here in Indonesia and my parents didn't wanna buy me any more Beyblades.

But now that I'm old enough to pay for my own Beyblades I've been looking into jumping back into Beyblades, but after 11 years I got so many questions:
  • I heard that Burst is near the end of its lifespan and there's gonna be a new generation next year, is it worth it to jump into Burst now or should I just wait for gen 4 next year, especially since Burst beys here in Indonesia cost 3x as much as MFB beys back in the day?
  • With Burst beys I heard that the Hasbro ones are just straight up different from the TT ones, are they different enough to create a different meta?
  • Is there any Beyblade scenes left in Indonesia, or is it just dead here?
  • If there is still a Beyblade scene, are there anyone left who's still playing MFB? 
    Thank you for your attention.
Whether it's worth jumping in now is solely based on what's going on locally and how much of a budget you have. I can't really answer that.

Hasbro Burst is no longer compatible with TT (short of Pro Series), and they're all very hollow and lightweight. There's almost no reason to invest in them, since they crumple so hard to TT competitively.

I can't say anything about Indonesia as a whole, but I wish you luck in finding out!