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Thanks!! And good job in that writing team. I'm pretty sure it was a really close choice. No hard feelings right??
hey can you make me an avatar of this http://i-d.animepaper.net/thumbnails/sta...033e10.jpg
with this as the background (if you type in evangelion title and go to images you will see it at the top, it is a orange, white and black)
1. Signature
2. Text: Orion~
3. Image: Phantom Orion on the left side and Chris (the owner of Phantom Orion) on left side. Also Phantom Orion's facebolt on the middle please..!
4. Background: Just pick a nice one that you think is good for the signature.


3.image:earth eagle next too tsubasa
4.BackgroundEeearth eagles bit beast(Monster)
1.Sig and avatar
2.Text: Grand Libra1213
3.imageUnhappysig)1. http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20.../17/Yu.PNG
(sig and avater)2 http://media.photobucket.com/image/beybl...tossig.jpg just make it say Grand Libra1213 where ketos plz
(sig and avatar background): http://img1.jurko.net/wall/uploads/wallpaper_9506.jpg
WOW A lot of requests there! I just came back from camp, and had a great 12-hour sleep. Grin Here is the order for the requests:
1. Last Memory
2. BigBangBladerX1
3. Orion~
4. ajthecyborg
5. Grand Libra1213
1. Last Memory, here is your sig! (I have done something slightly different to your request, as with that background there wouldn't be enough light to show virgo. LINK: http://www.screencast.com/users/justin.c...3abb637765
2. BigBangBladerX1 The link doesn't work, tell me what it is Tongue_out
3. Orion~ Here it is! I personally really like this one Tongue_out Link: http://content.screencast.com/users/just...nJCx06.jpg
I am starting on the next batch!
hopefullly this should work http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/1...aos606.png with this atthe top (type in Evangelion title and it should be the first couple ones, it has orange, black and white) and can you make the background black
@BigBangBladerX1 I do not have enough space to put the full image and the title image in, because it is an avatar. Unless you mean Signature!
well then can you make it into an signiture, and have this as my avatar http://fl2.shopmania.org/files/images/22...152137.jpg qith a black background with the letters BBBX1 down the bottom?
LINK: (Signature) http://content.screencast.com/users/just...-JCx06.jpg

Please wait a while for your avatar, I have to do the other's first because they have 1 order.
If you're not too busy with other ones Size: 500x170/ Type: Signature/ Text: Goldchain3 in gold at the bottom not too big/ Image: Ray Unicorno facing right on the left side and Blitz Unicorno vice-versa/ Backround:BLACK! ALL BLACK!!! If you can't do it at the moment I understand (just in case) and take your time with it. I don't want you to rush (I sound like my Grandma lol.). Reply ASAP.
ok! Finishing off EagleBlader's sig and also doing Grand Libra's sig. After that, GoldChain3. Oh, and BTW GoldChain3 500 x 170 will be too big.
OK. Then can you do the biggest size you can? Thanks in advance!
JCx06, cold you put Goldchain4 (no capital C, please) instead of Goldchain3? I'm the same person (this is goona get some takin' used to), just my old account kinda.............died. Thanks in advance!
Text: Anubis Blader
Image Anubis from the anime and real beyblade and Yuki
Background Blue flames
Text Aj the elite
Image tala about to use special move novae rog
background faded beybladewrecker
Request for Mr. JCx06! Eee
1. Sig
2. Text: "Be the change you wish too see..." (Green in top right corner) and TheBigBang (Red glowing yellow Bottom Left Corner and make the 'The' italic please)
3. Image: Big Bang Pegasis clashing with Variaries
4. Background: A background that would match Smile
Take your time! I will also request a new avatar after you finish the sig! Grin
I want a sig with three beys on it and they are:
Ariel (Not Gabriel) (Original Beyblade)
Aries 125D
Rock Aries ED145B

Oh and i put the text on.
(Jan. 21, 2012  11:40 PM)MrTrippleAAA Wrote: I want a sig with three beys on it and they are:
Ariel (Not Gabriel) (Original Beyblade)
Aries 125D
Rock Aries ED145B

Oh and i put the text on.

what does "Oh and i put the text on" mean?
what text do you want?
and i'll just put any matching background k?