Is it this an original Beyblade???

Hi! I´d got this Beyblade a long time ago, but I was browsing on Beywiki And I don´t find it.
[Image: ed4fdd5212c46e42104484a0b8de84e0.jpg]

The beast bit has some red leds

Can you tell me if this is an original beyblade???

It has a legend on the base "Hasbro c 2002"
It's a fake Dranzer.
That's a Hasbro Dranzer S Electronic Top. It is NOT legal in WBO Organized Play.

This question does not deserve its own thread though and should have been asked in the "Ask a Question, Get an Answer" thread.
Why??? and I can´t move the theard only a moderator can do it.
It is not considered to be a part of the official Beyblade line. It's like a spin-off toy. I'll lock this.