Introducing the "Beyblade Products" Forum!

Hello World Bladers!

A quick announcement for you today: we have now introduced a brand new forum called “Beyblade Products”!

What is this forum for?
As the name suggests, this forum will exclusively contain threads related to specific Beyblade products. In this forum, you can discuss all past, current, and upcoming official Beyblade releases.

New threads in this forum must be approved by our moderation team. Before you attempt to post a thread, be sure read the forum rules.

Why did we create this forum?
Previously, Beyblade product threads existed in the Beyblade General forum with “Product” prefix.

This prefix helped to make the threads stand out and also enabled users to filter the forum by them specifically.

However, the filtering functionality was a bit obscure and it's unlikely that many of you used it. We also believe that the discussion surrounding products is important enough to warrant an easier method of browsing, which is why we decided to create the Beyblade Products forum.

We also have plans to improve the visibility and standardization of product threads in the future, and this is the first step towards creating a structure that will allow us to do that.
This is actually very practical, thanks! Just out of curiosity, does this mean that discussing dormant product threads is ok now? 

-Edit: Just read the post properly.