Interesting Observation for Stamina in Beyblades

Today, I was doing testings on the stamina of all my beyblades. I have Rage Longinus 3A, Judgement, Slash, Bushin, Grand, Ace, Perfect Phoenix, Dead Phoenix, Bloody Longinus, Drain Fafnir, Kries Satan, Blast Jinnius. I used Xtend+ on Rage, Valkyrie, Zan, Sting, Xtend+ on the Gatinko beys; Sting, Xtend+ on the rest. The Cho-Z generation beys had no level chip. I did 3 launches for each bey and took the average spin time. I had expected Perfect Phoenix to do the best, and it got 1 min and 21 seconds. But, Drain Fafnir got 1 min 54 seconds, and Blast Jinnius got 2 mins 3 seconds!!!