Indonesia's MetaGame

^ This. i would recommend trying S130. very neat.
It seens indo likes LLD BD145LRF.
Really?! Well then, I know the counter. Blargh. headache, 2000 rounds of testing random combos against Basalt 230 CS. only 10 succeeded. seesh
HAHAHAHAHA oh wow, 2000? Next time,OVER 9000!
Something better, eh, i know my OWN secret combo, the ones who came knows it!
(Oct. 15, 2011  4:41 PM)Shika blade Wrote: It seens indo likes LLD BD145LRF.

A minor update based on this post

@ Bey Bash: Jakarta's Awakening (that is what i call the first tournament we had here), only 4 attack type users almost made 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place (Me, Blitz Inzori, wpardin, and Tonton) the rest were eliminated due to under confidence i presume, they couldn't control their (MF) LLDBD145LRF/RF/R2Fs
I did my bank perfectly, you were there. I lost cuz of hell 230 is way too tall.
Nope, you banked like carp (no offense) but honestly, it was carp, Hell 230 CD/DS or whatever is a 100% lose rate against MF LLD BD145LRF for me