In Light Of Beyblade Being (Commercially) Not Dead...

I've toyed with the idea of holding a tournament myself for quite a while. However, A) I don't think I really have enough or good enough stadiums for a full tournament and B) Who'd come?
I have a couple of friends who enjoy blading, so I guess they'd come, especially if I give them tips and stuff and blade with them quite a bit first. But ideally, I'd need someone who is also into blading to come along, but I don't think anyone's really around up near North-East England? Uncertain
It'd probably be a few hours, music playing, free drinks (non-alcoholic! haha). Probs an entry fee (to cover the cost for hiring the venue) and cash prizes *oooh!*.
It's pretty much hypothetical until I can really make sure I'd have enough stuff to run this and that people would come.
I think unless you really have the preparations to pull something good off, it's best to just stick to meetups instead of hiring a venue and all that jazz.
And preparations this is haha. Like I said, it's pretty much hypothetical right now, but I think I can hire a good sized hall with a stage in for not much. In fact, since my mum has the keys for it, I guess I don't need to pay haha.
Unless you have at least twenty people coming, I wouldn't bother reserving a venue.
a house is fine too.

But seriously, this could be managed all at someone's house.

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