Important Message For Bey Brad

This is relatively private information, but as I can not contact Bey Brad via PM's I have decided to post this here. I would appreciate it if only those involved read this thread, though I may be wishing in vain.

Bey Brad, in Feburary of this year, I ordered a Lightning LDrago and Stardust Pegasis from you via AnnieDuck.

In March, I contacted you expressing concern that I had not recieved either Beyblade. I recieved your assurances that you would ship them immediately after recieving my shipping information, which I proceeded to send to you.

It is nearly June, and I have still not recieved either Beyblade.

I only have one question: What the hell, man?
Brad wont reply he quit beyblade. Thread is unnesicary!!
(May. 29, 2010  2:32 AM)NateKilgore Wrote: Brad wont reply he quit beyblade. Thread is unnesicary!!
This is actually important.
Seriously. He might actually log in once in awhile.
Don't just spurt out things that make you seem more important and intelligent.
Well, Daegor42, send me a message with more information on this matter, such as if and when you paid, and I will try to contact Brad as soon as possible. Hopefully the issue can be solved within a few days. For now I will close this topic. He does browse the forums sometimes, but it is not guaranteed you will get anything soon.